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Considering the Role of Higher Education in Facilitating Social Progress in Democratic Societies

Examining History and Science Curriculum Distortions that Reinforce Racism and Appease Zealotry in America
John Holden Bickford
The Creative and Reflective Profesor in the Global Pandemic of Covid - Innovative Learning Design for Present and Future
Doinita Popa
Digital Transformation and Cultural Change of Higher Education
Ioan Craciun

The Role and Responsibilities of the Press in a Democratic Society

Multicultural Education, A Representative Public Policy for the Construction of Multiculturalism
Flavia-Tania Stefan
Tolerance, Condition of Manifestation of Multiculturalism
Ionut Stefan

Technology and the Future: Prospects for America and Romania

The globalization of democracy and the democracy of globalization in the digital age
Nicolae Pana
From Desire to Necessity – the Use of AR as Innovative Teaching and Learning Method in Higher Education
Gabriela Marchis, Mihaela Nicolau

Considerations of National Identity and Sub-group affiliation: Examining Black Lives Matter in America and Roma Iden

"To Bear Witness": The Black Lives Matter Movement and Improving Campus Racial Climate at the University of California, Los Angeles
Walter R. Allen
The role of media in a democratic society. How can media influence the perception of reality
Oana Andreea Nae

Countering Disinformation: The Role of the Media in Emerging and Established Democracies

The Reconstruction of Reality in Theaters of Operations by War Correspondents
Constantin Mireanu