Danubius International Conferences, Two Democratic Societies in Transition: Exploring the Dynamics of a Post-Covid World

The globalization of democracy and the democracy of globalization in the digital age

Nicolae Pana
Last modified: 2021-07-29


JJ Rouseau defined the term of absolute democracy. The US in the spirit of democratic liberalism proposes the globalization of democracy.

Globalization is a social process that has been correlated with the need of people to socialize, in the same measure, information and access to knowledge makes globalization not to be imposed as a necessity but as a self-determining process. The globalization of democracy is an irreversible process for the same reasons.

 We cannot oppose to the planetary self-civilization as we do not oppose the evolution of the human species.

Man cannot control evolution over long periods of time, usually 50-70 years, but he can accelerate the evolutionary processes of civilization. Digitization is a revolutionary process that accelerates civilization and also the evolution of the human species.

The control of digitalization by the human factor and the control of democratic processes by the society, are measures that can ensure an additional sens to democracy and to the process of globalization.