September 13th, 2011

 11:00 – Starting the Start-off Seminar

-          Welcoming speech - Andy Pusca

-          Welcoming speech - MECTS or AMPOSDRU


 11:20 – General overview of the project and partnership presentation

-          Presentation of the overall objectives of the project (Andy Pusca)

-          Partnership and Danubius University presentation (Andy Pusca)

-          Presentation of the American University of Romania

-          Presentation of the University of Timisoara

-          Presentation of the University of Bacovia

-          Presentation of the CisPro S.R.L

-          Presentation of the University of Camerino

-          Presentation of GEA (Research Institute of the University of Dortmund)  and the University of Dortmund

-          Presentation of the University of Toulouse

-          Presentation of the University of MAICh

-          Presentation  of the SIDA S.R.L


 12:20 – Presentation of the methodological scenario (Andrea Marconi)

 12.30  -  Coffee Brake


 12:45 – Detailed project presentation

-          Presentation of the project objectives, of the project activities and of the expected results (Andrea Menna)


 13:00 – Presentation of the week activities (activity 1.3)

-          Presentation of two Workshops and of the training seminars (Francesco Di Giacomo)


 13:30 – Presentation of the International Consortium

-          Presentation of the objectives and of the transnational consortium’s statute (Francesca Magni, Andrea Marconi)


 14:00 – Lunch

 15:30 – Coordination Panel with the partnership’s delegates

-          verifying and finalising the weekly work organisation with each delegate and for each Romanian University by verifying the training seminar organisation, the delegates from each University and the availability of the materials

-          organisation and final planning of the mobility of 50 operators in Camerino (activity 2.10)

-          executive planning of the questionnaires submission and analysis of the collected data

-          economic, financial and administrative aspects