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Esophageal Inflammatory Lesions – Predictive Factor in the Developing of Malignant Esophageal Tumours

Ana Fulga
Last modified: 2022-02-04


Inflammatory lesions - predictive factor in the occurrence of esophageal malignancies; Scientific evaluation of clinical and morphological data on dysplastic changes in order to elaborate a set of curative-prophylactic measures to combat malignancy of oesophageal inflammation; Comprehensive analysis of data from high scientific scientific literature to establish the research directions of etiological factors of esophageal cancer related to living conditions in developing countries; The role of microbiota in the development of esophageal cancer; Predictive and prophylactic analysis and valorization of data on the etiological factors of the adenocarcinoma esophagus, starting from the premise of the incidence of male incidence (6/1); Clinical and predictive-prophylactic clinical and clinical analysis of data on the combined action of multiple risk factors in neoplastic oesophagitis.