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Romania - Integrated Part in the Energy Transition Process at European Level

Florentina Chitu
Last modified: 2022-02-16


Challenges in the energy sector are often debated by world, regional and national authorities. Romania, as a member state of the European Union, takes over the best practices of energy and green security, adhering at the same time to the Clean Energy legislative package for all europeans, but also to the European Green Deal, which builds another energy system based on innovation, development, digitization and security. For an approach to the success of the transition process to a green energy, Romania needs efficiency, as a fundamental principle in correlating investments, technologies, policies with the climatological specifications and geopolitics of the state. Investing in improving energy efficiency, including energy production, transportation, distribution and end use, will bring major benefits to the environment, reduce much of the greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy security, help alleviate energy poverty and will lead to an increase of the competitiveness of the economic activity at the level of all the sectors of the Romanian economy.