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Legislative aspects regarding the regulation of work at home (teleworking in the university environment), new challenges

Carmen Ion, Lenuta Giurgea
Last modified: 2022-02-24


We have chosen as a topic legislative aspects regarding the regulation of work at home (teleworking in the academic environment) in the context of the new challenges, having the conviction that the subject of its legal implications are far from exhausted with the hope that we will be able to contribute to the understanding of this complex legal institution.

Teleworking (teleworking or telecommuting) is the activity that uses communication and information technology (ICT) in order to achieve a lucrative activity at a distance from the place where the result of the work is needed.

The methodology of the research involved interviewing a group of young people (students-employees) from the university environment regarding their perception regarding the advantages and disadvantages, inconveniences and effects of teleworking on the quality of life.

We tried to explain certain aspects of digital work, aspects that lead to an increase in the quality of life at work as well as personal.

The general conclusion that emerges from the research we have undertaken is that the young interviewees have shown that if, in the conditions of the pandemic, teleworking is a lifesaver in the sense that it allowed them to continue working, to learn, to be able to survive financially, in normal conditions it is only partially accepted. The mental costs (depression, loneliness...) of daily digital work would be too high.