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Between freedom of expression and the right to privacy

Nelu Gheorghita
Last modified: 2022-02-24


The spectacular evolution of technology in the twentieh century has led to therecognition and defense of some initially controversial rights from a legal point of view.Some of these rights, grouped under the general name of personality rights, are the rightto free speech and the right to privacy, which are, in fact, two parts of the same idea.Freedom of expression is the foundation of the democratic society and the essentialcondition for its progress. Only in this way can pluralism, tolerance and the spirit of openneswithout which there is no democratic society be discovered and protected.
The right to privacy presupposes the right of every person to respect for their dignity,prohibiting any harm to their honor and reputation, without respecting the limits provided bylaw, the notion of „privacy” being made up of elements related to the identity of a person, such aname, image, physical and moral integrity.When the issue of the conflict between the right to privacy and freedom of expressoin israised, we think of the fact that a person’s right to privacy is violated by another individual, whoin turn invokes the exercise of his right to freedom of expression.