Danubius International Conferences, International Conference on Contemporary Scientific and Technological Aspects towards an Entrepreneurial Approach

An Overview of the Sustainable Development of the Rural Tourism Destination

Anca Turtureanu, Carmen Mihaela Cretu, Carmen Gabriela Sirbu
Last modified: 2022-02-24


In this paper, the authors follow all the links in the development chain of a tourist destination, marking the path to sustainable development. Tourism is not just a journey, it is a symbolic phenomenon of economic effects that accompany human trafficking. There are two important points of view as an economic effect from the point of view of sustainable tourism. One is a framework that is designed along the value chain from departure to landing, so that businesses and individuals who want to get involved in the economic activities generated by tourism and the promotion of a healthy tourism economic zone can participate. The second point of view is whether the economic benefits of tourism are returned and felt by all who live in the tourist area. The idea is not to impede tourism, but to find a balanced development of tourism in relation to the needs of the destination but also society. Rural tourism is more sensitive to change, which is why personalized measures are required to lead to the sustainable development of these destinations. Sustainability in a rural tourist destination is especially important due to the rich but at the same time fragile ecosystem. A development of the destination that does not include sustainability can threaten the very existence of ecosystems. At the same time, tourism plays an important role for the inhabitants and for economic development.