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The Juridical Responsibility of the Local Communities' Representatives in the Republic of Moldova

Natalia Saitarlî
Last modified: 2012-05-02


Concerning juridical responsibility there are published a lot of articles, collections and monographs. In the working out of its subject-matters there are some achievements. However the itself notion of responsibility, and series of its central problems - is a subject of long years - lasting discussion, during which came out the necessity to elaborate some methodological questions. The juridical responsibility is being determined as a duty “to be responsible”, “to account”. One of the results in the search to determine the juridical responsibility has become the idea of “positive law responsibility”, under which we understand not the responsibility of the person who has committed an infringement of the law, but vice versa a lawful behavior of the person, who commits no law infringements. The goal of the given article is to regard the juridical responsibility of one of the subjects of administrative law – local public authorities - in Republic of Moldova, because the efficient activity of the state (a good state government) depends on the determination of the concrete forms of the juridical responsibility for the local public authorities.