Presentations and Authors

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Danubian Economy

Ways to Stimulate and Promote Innovation in Entrepreneurship in the Coastal Area
Liudmila Rosca-Sadurschi
E-Marketing and Its Impact on Economic Development in the Neighboring Countries
Svetlana Birlea
Danube Riparian Enterprises Improvement, through the Implementation of a Quality Management System
Irina Todos
From the History of Shipbuilding in Galati (1742-1830). Types of Vessels Sailing in the Middle Ages
Dan Râpă Buicliu

River Legislation

The Danube Commission
Marian Socianu
Maritime Safety and Prevention of Pollution Caused by Ships in the European Union
Minodora-Ioana Balan-Rusu, Nicoale Pircabalescu
International Liability Peculiarities in Environmental Law
Vasilica Negruț
The Right to Property in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights
Adriana Pascan
Considerations on the Limitation of the Right to Property
Adriana Pascan
Constitutional Justice – The European Model
Maria Ureche
Presentation Freedom of Assembly and Electoral Processes
Alexandru Postica
The Protection of Waters against Pollution Caused by Ships in the Light of the Criminal Law in the European Union
Ion Rusu
Improving the Legal System Regime Specific to Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve achieved by the Law no. 136 of July 5, 2011
Tache Bocaniala
Romania’s Participation to the Conclusion of the Convention on the Final Status of the Danube
Constantin Tanase
Human Rights and the Social Protection of Vulnerable Persons
Cătălina Mititelu
The Rights of the Persons Who Lost their Autonomy and their Social Protection
Nicolae V. Dură
The Operating Principles of Public Service
Maria Orlov, Vlad Cantir
The Criminal Liability of a Republic’s President
Crina Mihaela Verga
Aspects of improving the legislation of the Republic of Moldova in the context of Eurointegration
Elena Botnari
The Role of Digital Certificates in e-Government. The Case of the Romanian Authority for Regulation and Surveillance
Andra Marin

Europeity and Europeism

Ontologies – in Support of Web Intelligent Agents’ Development
Vasile Daniel Pavaloaia
European Security Environment in the Context of Globalization
Florinel Iftode
Lower Danube in European Continent Geopolitics
Emil Razvan Theodorescu
Contributions to the Historiography of the Danube Problem as Axis of European Identity
Anisoara Popa
The Danube 3D
Jana Maftei

Communication and Spirituality

The Ukrainian Policy of Multilingualism in the Danube River Basin
Valentina Radkina
Some Peculiarities in the Language Palette of the Ukrainian Mass Media
Larisa Topcii
Danubian Themes in Footage
Dumitru Olărescu
Danubian Subjective Mythologies in Ștefan Bănulescu’s Europe
Gheorghe Lates

Local Communities

Ethnic Communities Situated on the Danubian frame of Doubrodja
Iuliana Titov
The Territorial Identity – between Archetype and Temporality. Some Exemples for Doubrodja – Danube Delta
Alexandru Chiselev
The Juridical Responsibility of the Local Communities' Representatives in the Republic of Moldova
Natalia Saitarlî
Aleksandr Pushkin’s Poetry in French: Untranslated or Untranslatable?
Olga Kudinova
General Public Interest: between Electoral Rhetoric and Administrative Actions
Valentina Cornea
Mihail Sebastian - a Danubian Romanian or the Writer’s Triple Identity
Alina Chesca

History, Mentality and Imagology

The First Cultural Literary Journals before the War of Independence in 1878
Cristina Dosuleanu
The Otherness in the Mentalities of the Romanian People
Mirela Arsith
The Specific Administrative Policies Applied by the Tsarist Regime in Bessarabia: The special administration of Ismail
Sergiu Cornea
Snake Island in Diplomatic Correspondence and the French Press of the 19th Century
Tudose Tatu