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International Liability Peculiarities in Environmental Law

Vasilica Negruț
Last modified: 2012-05-02


Environmental protection is one of the main concerns of contemporary society, being at the same time, a challenge for the current millennium, if we consider the countless events that had an impact upon the environment. All the above have determined the international society to rethink the relation with the environment, being aware of the fact that the man is an intrinsic part of it. One of the problems of present interest is the liability for environmental prejudices. Activities such as nuclear power production, oil transportation, and different industrial processes have positive effects, benefits, however, in certain situations they can cause damages, not only to the state where it takes place, but also to other states. This paper regards a topic analyzed by other authors as well, but we emphasized based on analysis and case study certain features of international environmental liability. In conclusion, we can say that, although the current international legal instruments on environmental protection are in force, they are not properly applied by states’ parties, on the one hand, and on the other it is not still in force an international liability regime for environmental damage.