Danubius International Conferences, 5th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Consumption of Bottled Wine in the Republic of Moldova - Case Study

Liudmila Antohi, Maria Turtoi
Last modified: 2015-05-07


Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverage in the Republic of Moldova, occupying the first position in consumer preferences before beer and distilled spirits. Wine production and consumption are favoured by soil and climate conditions which are appropriate to the cultivation of vines in this region. The purpose of this work is to study the consumption of bottled wine in the Republic of Moldova and is part of a wider marketing research concerning the sale of wine in this country. The research started from the official and unofficial statistics of the United Nations Organisation (UNO) and International Office of Vine and Wine (IOV) which rank the Republic of Moldova among the first places according to alcohol consumption per capita. The research highlights Moldovans preference for household made wine, in the disfavour of bottled wine. Although bottled wine is characterized by constant quality attributes, consumers choose it especially for occasions, the price of bottled wine having a major contribution to this choice.