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Danubian Economy and Legislation

Importance of the Danube in the Development of the European inland transport. Inland and Port Infrastructure Development in Romania
Romeo Boşneagu, Coca Elena Carmen
Risk Analysis and its Role in Securing the Waters from the EU External Border
Tache Bocaniala
Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interaction and the Relationship between the Central Bank and the Government (The Case of Republic of Moldova)
Corina Chironachi
The Order of Succession to Property by Descendant in the Inheritance Laws of Republic of Moldova
Vladimir Chironachi
Analysis of the Advantages of Creating Border Clusters
Florin Buhociu, Liudmila Rosca-Sadurschi
Efficient Management of the Entrepreneurial Risk by Implementing Risk Management ISO 31000:2009
Irina Todos, Natalia Zarişneac
The Extradition between Serbia and Romania
Ion Rusu
Legal Liability of Civil Servants of Local Public Authorities in the Republic of Moldova
Natalia Saitarlî
The Danube’s Navigation Regime after the Second World War
Jana Maftei
The Legal Protection of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
Vasilica Negruț
The Legal Regime of Danube Navigation between 1856-1919
Constantin Tanase
Interpretations and Implementation of the Regulations on the Protection of Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
Dorin Matei
Ecological Network as a Factor in the Development of tourism of Ukrainian Danube
Vyacheslav Todorov
The Current State of Tourist Movement along the Danube in Romania
Anca Turtureanu
The Exploitation of Tourism Resources in Braila City, a Danube Port
Anca Turtureanu
Clusters and Financial Resources Management in the Context of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region
Mariana Trandafir, Manuela Panaitescu
EUSDR - Strategic Management Opportunity for Financing European Projects
Manuela Panaitescu, Mariana Trandafir
Elements of Compared Law Concerning Tax Evasion
Monica Pocora
Social Responsibility in Romania – the Requirement in the Development Process. Reality and Perspectives
Luminita Maria Craciun, Dan Pauna
The analysis of bankruptcy risk using the normal distribution Gauss-Laplace in case of a company is the most modern Romanian sea-river port on the Danube
Rodica Pripoaie
Analysis of the evolution for the main economic and financial indicators and the risk of bankruptcy for a company who is the most modern maritime - river port on the Danube, in the period 2009-2013
Rodica Pripoaie
The Basis of Civil Liability of the Danubian Carrier
Ion Iorga, Mirela Costache
The Danube Region Protection – Challenges for Green Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility in Serbia
Jelena S. Stanković, Marina Z. Strižak

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

The Water Symbolism in the Poem "Memento Mori" by Eminescu
Elena Golovanova
Consumption of Bottled Wine in the Republic of Moldova - Case Study
Liudmila Antohi, Maria Turtoi
Serbs in the Danube Region (XIX – early XX centuries)
Liliya Tsyganenko
The Legends of the Serpent Island in the Danube Delta
Tatiana Shevchuk
The Bessarabian Refugees’ Testimonies about the Establishment of the Soviet Occupation of Bessarabia (June-August, 1940)
Sergiu Cornea
The Territorial Structure of the Population of Ukrainian Lower Danube
Victoriya Yavorskaya, Vyacheslav Todorov
Formation of the Ukrainian-Moldovan-Romanian Euroregion "Lower Danube"
Antonina Dorosheva
Participation in the Danube Region Nobility the Financial Sphere of the Region (the Second Half of XIX - early XX centuries.)
Alexander Mihailov
Methodological Principles of Investigating Semantic Structure of Ukrainian Axionomens of Danube Region
Tetyana Soroka
Investigation of Science Fiction in the Danube Basin Countries
Oleinikova Galina
Ukrainian and European Baroque in the Context of “Sister Arts” Idea
Olga Shikirinskaya
Theoretical Aspects of the Artistic Cognition of Ukrainian Danube Nature
Ivan Pastyr
Izmail Register Office in Eurorigeon “Lower Danube” as a Structural Unit of the Shipping Register of Ukraine
Shalomai Kirill, Shevchuk Oleg
The Romanian Question at the Final Stage of the Eastern Crisis 1875-1878
Victor Drozdov
European Integration of Ukraine: National and Regional Dimension
Viktoriya Berezovskaya
Traditional Cultures in the Multiethnic Danube Region: Specifics of the Development
Ada Dizanova
The Role of the Nobles-philanthropists in the Activities of Hospitals in the Danube Region
Natalya Goncharova
Orthodox Clergy of Romania in the Second Half of the ХІХ century (on the materials of «The Kishinev Diocesan Registry»)
Vera Tserkovnaya
Aspects of Monographic Research Undertaken by the Social Romanian Institute from Bessarabia (1935-1939)
Liudmila Chiciuc
Stability And Dynamics In The Ukrainian Higher Danube Dialect
Maryna Delyusto
The Typology Of The Ukrainian Dialects Spread Between The Danube And The Dniester Rivers
Andrij Kolesnykov
Culture-Bound Words of the Danube Basin Countries: Translation Into English
Olena Chetverikova
Features of Aestheticism in Literary Heritage of Mikhail Kuzmin
Olena Kolmikova
Poetry Danube: Personalities and Creativity
Lydmila Reva-Levshakova
Creativity Ovid Romanian period of Reflection in Terms of Ethno-psychological Peculiarities of the North-Western and Eastern Black Sea region
Olga Kudinova
The Ethno-Linguistic Geography of the Gagauz People in the Danube Basin
Valentina Shevchuk
The "Danube" Factor of Social and Political Modernization of the Russian Empire (XIX - early XX cen.)
Irina Verkhovtseva
Determination as a Component of Dialect Texts in Ukrainian Dialects of Danube Region
Irina Tsyganok
Modern Poets of the Southern Bassarabia
Alexander Viger
Do Cultural Differences Matter in Development Education
Diana Bebenova-Nikolova
Media-Competence as Precondition of the Students’ Intercultural Competence Formation of the Danube Region
Anastasia Grekova
Psychological Peculiarities of the Students’ Value-Semantic Sphere of the Danube Region as the Basis of Their Life Activity Regulation
Anna Vezenkova
Student-Centered European Education System as a Factor of Professional Competence of a Future Teacher's Personality
Ivan Boychev
About the System of Transport Communications in the South of Bessarabia in the IXth – beginning of the XXth Century
Andrey Shevchenko
Intellectual Grounds of Project Activities in Multicultural Region of Bessarabia: the Ways of Formation in High School
Tetiana Lesina
Linguistic Patterns about Danube and their Role in Building Community
Gina Aurora Necula

European Construction between Desideratum and Realities

Training Of Prospective Managers By Educational Institutions For Strategic Planning At The Stage Of Studying For A Master’s Degree
Tamara Gumennikova
The European construction - from communities to a genuine supranational union
Andrei Calapod, Ani MATEI
Interactive Technologies of Foreign Language Teaching in Future Marine Specialists’ Training: from Experience of the Danube River Basin Universities.
Olga Mykolaivna Demchenko
Institutional performance in the process of attracting foreign direct investment. Case study: Romania
Developing responsible business practices in French companies: local demands versus global competition
EU Danube Economies vs the Trap of Europe 2020 Strategy
Romeo Victor Ionescu
Intellectual Foundations of Project Activities in the Multicultural Region of Southern Bessarabia: Ways of Formation in High School
Tetyana Lesina
Psychological Mechanisms of Students’ Social Behavior Regulation in Multicultural Society
Antonina Gavlitskaya
The Regional Dimension of Romania's Participation to the Anti-Missile Defense System
Florin Iftode
The Awareness of Younger Schoolboys its European Identity - a Priority of Local Lore and Educational Work of the Teacher
Nadezhda Kichuk
The Intercultural Dialogue in the National Space of Danube Basin
Valentina Radkina
The Mythology - The Foundation of the Romanian People’s Identity
Mirela Arsith
Social responsibility - specific directions of action and different approaches
Partnership Principle – A Theoretical Approach within Cohesion Policy
cristina caranica
The Danube Identity of Bulgaria – A Crossroad between the Prescribed and the Manifested Identities in the National Image
Nataliya Venelinova
The Danube Strategy – between the Political Lobbying and the National Branding
Rada Karshakova, Nataliya Venelinova
Gender Equality Values in the Danube Region
Juliana Popova
The Role of Public Diplomacy for the Stability and Security of the Danube Region
Krasimir Koev
Achievement, Happiness and Trust – Hungary’s Location on the map of Cultural Values
Hristina Sokolova
Students’ Recognition of European Identity: Initiation of Projects on the Range of Problems Dealing with the Danube Region Local Community Development
Yaroslav Kichuk
Psychological Mechanisms of Regulation of the Students’ Social Behavior in a Multicultural Society
Antonina Gavlitskaya
Social Media Interactions and Online Games - Building Up New Human Relationships in Danube Region
Predrag Nikolic
Erasmus Exchange Programme - a Cultural Bridge between Romania and the Countries of the Danube River Basin
Rodica-Cristina Apostolatu
The Danube – Axis of the Eastern Roman World
Ionel Apostolatu
Online Brand Community and It`s Impact in Communicating with Next Generations of Consumers
Camelia Adriana Budac
Interactive Technologies of Foreign Language Teaching in Future Marine Specialists’ Training: from Experience of the Danube River Basin Universities.
Olga Mykolaivna Demchenko

Estudentiana (Students and MA students)

Mitigating and aggravating circumstances. Their impact on judicial individualization of punishment
Cosmin Peneoașu