Danubius International Conferences, 6th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Galati, a Strategic Point between Europe, Middle East and Asia with the Help of Danube

Sergiu-Lucian Sorcaru
Last modified: 2016-06-10


The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of the Danube as European axis and as economic value. Since ancient times, the Danube river was recognized as important and strategic corridor. The Danube is of major political interest in Europe, as it passes through ten different countries, the European Union valuing this aspects and also the possibility of extending from the center to the East. We intend to emphasize that the Danube is not just a natural frontier but also an important economic source in Romania. In Galati, the largest port on the Danube river-sea traffic but also an important part of the city’s industry is supported by river. The obtained result highlights the economic opportunities offered by the Danube. The economic advantages represented by the Port of Galati by using river routes, at continental and global level: the new opportunities of rebranding Port Galati; the added value to the scientific interpretation of economic resources of the Danube is represented by the extensive coverage of economic activities carried out on the river and on its banks and to identify the opportunities. Originality comes from the economic research strategy used by the ArcelorMittal Galati Steel company, which uses the advantages of its location and of the Danube.