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Danubian Economy and Legislation

Danube Navigation Regime after the Second World War
Jana Maftei

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

On a Phraseological Contamination within Romanian Journalistic Contexts: a se duce pe apa Dunării (ʻto be wastedʼ)
Cristinel Munteanu

European Construction between Desideratum and Realities

Danube Strategy and its implications for the eastern neighbourhood of European Union
Magdalena Morosan
Formation at the Future Teachers of the Readiness for Improvement of Younger Schoolboys Collective Interaction Skills: the Experience of the Izmail State University for Humanities
Viktoria Manita
Provisions of Principle with European Constitutional Value on the "Person’s" Right to Freedom and Security
Catalina Mititelu
Psychological Features Of Ethnic Tolerance Of Students Of Ukrainian Danube Region
Inna Mazokha

Estudentiana (Students and MA students)

The Evolution Of Migration In EU- Challenges And Perspectives
Lidia Mocanu
The Completion of the Act
Vasile Maxim