Danubius International Conferences, 10th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Collectivization as one of the Factors of Sovietization Of the Ukrainian Danube (1944-1953)

Hanna Hradynar
Last modified: 2020-06-18


The peculiarities of the introduction and application of command-administrative methods and principles of collectivization in Southern Bessarabia in order to include the region in the unified economic system of the USSR are studied. The essence of the policy of the communist government in agriculture in relation to individual peasants is revealed. Using coercive methods, the Communists forced the peasants to join the collective farms. Among the common methods of influencing peasants were arrests, intimidation, tax pressure, and so on. It has been proved that the methods of creating the collective farm system, although officially declaring freedom of choice and gradualism, were in fact under the strict control of the communist command-and-control system. The amalgamation of individual farms into collective farms has led to a sharp decline in their efficiency, which has equally affected farming and animal husbandry.