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Using Multimedia in the Process of Communicative Competence Formation

Svetlana Riabushko
Last modified: 2020-06-18


Using multimedia in the process of education is the main and essential necessity of the present day life. It gives the opportunity to change the teaching activity in different approaches during the pandemic period and has a great influence on developing students' activities. The specific feature of multimedia is their connection with the process of individualization and intensification of the educational process.

The content of the term "multimedia" denotes a kind of information which includes the traditional visual aids, such as text, and also graphic and dynamic information of different types, such as speech, music, film, animation, etc.

Multimedia aids were created on the basis of multimedia technologies. The essence of these technologies was to give the possibility to all the participants of the educational process to take part in communication, that is, in an interactive process. Such model of study is effective in the modern educational process.

Multimedia aids are effective means in teaching different subjects. They have a lot of advantages such as: they can accumulate a lot of information on different topics; the task arrangement is based on logic and cognition; the educational process is individual; the students have an opportunity to their self-realization in the process of planning and working out the tasks and forecasting the expected results; the skill formation is effective due to different kinds of activities; such competences are developed as strategy, research work, project-work, dramatization, etc.