Danubius International Conferences, 10th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Danube Bridges - Economic Decks of Riparian Countries

Viorica Puscaciu, Florin Dan Puscaciu
Last modified: 2020-06-18


The aim of this paper is to focus the attention upon the economic advantages gained by the area where the Danube bridges appeared. And the scope of this is to inspire us to a better development of this activity linked by the bridges, and thus the importance of the matter. This study tries to build on a synthesis of the things already done, and to analyze what could be done further, on this subject. As for relating to other research in this topic area, this paper is an economic landscape in the topic of the bridges lying alongside of this important European river. In this attempt there were used the methods of approach like as: survey, case-study, and observation, in order to reach the desired results. The implications of this research could be both for academics, and for the economic specialists, and also for the government and decisional factors which would be interested in this matter. The added value of this paper is to be the first attempt of looking the bridges of the Danube from the economical point of view.