Danubius International Conferences, 11th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Linguistic and Translation Peculiarities of Texts in the Sphere of Economics

Olena Chetverikova
Last modified: 2021-06-11


Today economists have not only to read and understand a lot of professional texts in English, they also write annotations, summaries, reviews and abstracts of advertising character. Professional communication requires high level of competence, when ordinary English words and expressions of everyday vocabulary are not enough. It is necessary to use special constructions that will allow structuring any English economic text effectively and making high-quality generalizations if necessary. Besides, English texts in the sphere of economics are usually emotionally expressive and stylistically occupy an intermediate position between scientific prose and journalistic texts. Therefore, such texts contain different stylistic devices, which presuppose their perfect understanding. Translation of texts on economics helps international exchange and dissemination of vital information. The problems of translation are primarily associated with the specifics of the subject area, which is centered in terminology, syntax, lexical-semantic transformations and the style of presentation.