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Danubian Economy

Climate change and the road to sustainable energy use
Anca Turtureanu, Florentina Chițu, Carmen Mihaela Cretu, Leonard Magdalin Dorobat, Codruța Mihaela Dobrescu
The Impact Of Direct And Indirect Taxes On Economic Growth: An Empirical Study In Albania
Alban Korbi, Blisard Zani
Danube Ports - Intermodal Connection Nodes
Viorica Puscaciu, Florin-Dan Pușcaciu
Phytoremediation, a Cheaper and Ecological Alternative in Solving Historical Soil Pollution
Leonard Magdalin Dorobăț, Anca Turtureanu, Codruța Mihaela Dobrescu
Making Expenses According to the Legislation Regulating the Preventive Financial Control, at the Entities of Public Interest
Georgiana – Janina Soare, Magdalena Danescu
The Modernization of the Fiscal Policy in the Republic of Moldova - A Sine Qua Non Condition for the European Integration Process
Rodica Pripoaie
The Migration Process and its Economic Implications in Romania and the Republic of Moldova
Rodica Pripoaie
Agricultural Situation in the Izmail Region in the Post-War Period
Hanna Hradynar
Entity Management Responsibility in Implementing the Internal Audit Recommendations
Nicoleta Ardeleanu (Trifu)

Danubian Legislation

Lausanne Peace Treaty and the Turkish-Romanian Joint Arbitration Court Case Study: Nikola Kalfa’s Case
Nilghiun Ismail
Civil Liability for the Deeds of the Robots
Florina Anca Mateescu
Misleading Judicial Bodies
Ion Rusu
Facilitating Illegal Stay in Romania
Bogdan Bîrzu
Eluding Removal Measures on the Territory of Romania
Minodora-Ioana Rusu
Internationalization of the Franchise Network - a Way to Amplify a Commercial Success
Modiga Georgeta
Working Behind Bars, General Rules For Penitentiary Employees
Florin Proca
Legal-Economic Implications regarding the Construction and Commissioning of the Suspension Bridge over the Danube from Braila
Tache Bocaniala
The actual Danube’s legislative framework and the European strategy for the Danube Region
Oana Andreea Ichim

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

Analysis of the Albanian legislation related to the representation of citizens in the local government
Andon Kume
Perception of the High School Learners for Online Learning Quality and Digital Skills
Luljeta Aliu Mulaj, Mjellma Zhuri, Anila Mustafa
Danubian Territorial Strategies
Manuela Panaitescu
Anglicized Words in the Romanian Press. Between Cultural Identity and Globalization
Oana Andreea Nae
Matrix of Spiritual Sentiments in Literature
Ludmila Balțatu
Adapting the Teaching Process to Online Communication in the Crisis Situation Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic
Florentina Popa
Ideology and Contradictions within the "Great Alliance" During the Second World War
Stefan Gheorghe
Definition of the Sphere of Influence and the New Security Relations in Eastern Europe in the Second World War
Stefan Gheorghe
Moldavan Ethno-Linguistic Identification — The Consequence of the Previous Language Policy
Polina Kiseolar
Phraseological Representation of the Concept «FOOD» in Comparative Linguistic Cultures
Hanna Terzi
Concealed Deportation or Eviction under the Pretext of Fighting the Kulaks (based on Materials from the Village of Suvorovo, Izmail region, 1948)
Liliya Tsyganenko
Charity the Bessarabian Noblewomen of during the Military Conflicts of 1877-1878
Natalia Moroshan
National Component in the Onomastic Nomination of the Ukrainian Danube Region
Nataliia Koltsun
Facebook Pages as a Presentation Tool for the Bessarabian Bulgarians Ethnic Society
Olena Berestetskaya
The Chumatski Songs As A Repertoire Of Future Artists Theoretical And Instrumental Training
Olena Bukhnieva, Larisa Bankul
Linguistic and Translation Peculiarities of Texts in the Sphere of Economics
Olena Chetverikova
Strategies of University Training Bachelors of Translation in the Ukrainian Danubian Region
Tetyana Soroka
Maritime Discourse as Part of Professional Discourse
Yurii Berlinskyi
Kinship Terms Used in the Inhabitant’s Speech Ukrainian Danube Region
Marina Berestetska
The Aesthetic Paradigm of the Creativity of the Romanian artists of Budzhak
Tetyana Shevchuk
The Figurative Component of the Concept “Danube” in the Artistic World of the Lyrics of the Budzhak Poets
Halyna Raybedyuk
Сommunicative-functional Potential of Time as a Synergistic Vector of a Literary Work
Galina Oleinikova
Intertextual Paradigm of Lyrics of Romanian-speaking Budzhak Poets
Victoria Demidchik-Asarzhi
Methodological Basis for the Study of Inter-specific Interaction of Time and Spatial Art Forms
Olha Shykyrynska
Fantyna-Dzinelor Colony: a Retrospective of Education
Ivan Pastyr
Theoretical aspects of cognition of the culture of Ukrainian Bessarabia
Yulia Sych
Social aspect of development of the Bulgarian ethnogeographic system of the Ukrainian Danube
Vyacheslav Todorov
Destinations of tourist activities in ethno-contact zones (on the example of the Ukrainian Danube)
Vyacheslav Todorov, Victor Khomutov
The Danube, Architecture of an Unthinkable Topos
Eugenia Raluca Voinea
Female Archetypes in Panait Istrati’s Work
Ionela Cernat-Mihai
Green Danube Programme: Some Regional Fundraising Strategies
Antonina Kichuk
The Danube Motif for the Lyrics of Eminescu
Elena Golovanova
The Euro-Integration Content of the Danube is a Factor of Intercultural Education of Student Outh
Nadezhda Kichuk, Yuriy Kurilyak
Environmental Monitoring of The Danube as a Basis for Innovative Cross-Border Project Activities Of Students
Yaroslav Kichuk
Tourist and Recreational Potential of the Danube in Educating the Ecological Ethics of Pre-Schoolers
Tetiana Lesina, Mehdi Dzhamel Brahmi
The Chumatski Songs as a Repertoire of Future Artists Theoretical and Instrumental Training
Olena Bukhnieva, Larisa Bankul, Chenхі Wang
Introduction of Schoolchildren to the Culture and History of their Native Land as the Basis of National and Patriotic Education of the Younger Generation
Victoria Zvekova
Ethnographic Specificity of the Ukrainian Part of the Danube Region as a Dominant of Musical and Animated Creativity of Music Teachers
Huang Ruiping, Zhang Yan, Van Chensi, He Xiaoqing
The Danube River is a Source of Aesthetic Perception and Musical Creativity of Future Educators
Lin Yitong, Jin Yaoquan, Liu Shuchang, Zhao Junkai
Formation of Successful Personality in the Vision of Outstanding Contemporaries
Oksana Bashtovenko

European Construction between Desideratum and Realities

EU Macro-Regional Strategies – A Great Solution for A Better Future
Gabriela Marchis
The future of interest rates in Albania – What is the Albanian Central Bank excluding from the analysis?
Silva Gjini
The COVID 19 Pandemic Lessons in the Area of Security, Social Policy and Culture: The Case with Bulgaria
Juliana Popova, Krasimir Koev, Ana Popova
Current Strategies to Prevent Terrorism in Europe
Nicolae Florin Prunău

Estudentiana (Students, MA & PhD students)

The Necessity of Psychotherapy in the Practice of Physical Exercises
Camelia Panfiloiu, George Laurențiu Aramă
Recognition of Internal Adoption Decisions and Cross-Border Family Mediation
Carmen Ion, Lenuța Giurgea
Expropriation for Reasons of Public Utility
Ieremie Maria Cristiana
Concern of the Danube States in Solving Cases with Minors
Lenuta Giurgea, Carmen Ion
The Value of the Water in the Romanian Christian Tradition and its Current Legal Protection
Nelu Gheorghiță
European Certificate of Moscow
Maricica Tudose, Carmen Ion
Local Marketing. The Importance of P.R. & Communication
Prodan Aurel Daniel

Entrepreneurial Perspectives and their Impact on the Danube

Survey of Text Mining Research Methods and Their Innovative Applicability
Mihaela Chistol, Mirela Danubianu
The Impact of the Pandemic Crisis on River Transport Management
Andra Turcanu (Marcu), Liliana Mihaela Moga
Big Data: Actuality and Challenges
Adina Bărîlă, Mirela Danubianu, Corneliu-Octavian Turcu
Study on Online Education in Romania during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Corina V Simionescu, Mirela Danubianu, Corneliu-Octavian Turcu
Skills Required for a Risk Manager in International Projects with Teams in the Virtual Environment (IPTVE)
Iulia Dumitrașcu-Băldău
The Benefits of Data Extraction from Knowledge in the Educational Field
Corina V Simionescu, Mirela Danubianu, Corneliu-Octavian Turcu
Development of a Device for Displaying on an Additional Screen the Parameters Read from the Vehicle`S on Board Computer
Daniela Voicu, Barothi Laszlo, Ramona-Monica Stoica, Lorena Deleanu
Use of Statistical Correlation Analysis in the Study of Road Accidents
Valentin-Tiberiu Amortila
The Role of University Technology Transfer Centers in R&D Development in Romania
Dumitrache Bogdan Bratoveanu, Silvius Stanciu
Comparative Study of Fresh and Dried Leaves Extract of Cucumis Metuliferus
Anna Busuioc (Cazanevscaia)
Seeds and Fruits of Momordica Charantia Species Cultivate in Romania with Potential for Agriculture and Local Market
Anna Busuioc (Cazanevscaia), Costel Vinatoru, Mihaela-Rodica Dinica
Modeling and Simulation of the Driver's Biomechanical System using Adams Software
Valentin-Tiberiu Amortila
Algae Valorification in the Biofuel Industry
Florina Cristiana Căpriță, Antoaneta Ene
Biosorption and Bioaccumulation – Techniques for Removing Heavy Metals from Wastewater
Florina Cristiana Căpriță, Antoaneta Ene
Statistical and Economic Analysis of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, the Bridge Between the North Sea and the Black Sea
Ana-Maria Chiroșcă, Liliana Rusu
Study on Navigation Conditions and Shipping Traffic on the Danube in the Period 2010-2020
Ana-Maria Chiroșcă, Liliana Rusu
Study on the Resistance to Masticatory Stresses of Metal Alloy Dental Works
Mihaela Buciumeanu, Laurentiu Dragus
Corrosion Behavior of Returned Co-Based Alloys: a Review of the Literature
Mihaela Buciumeanu, Laurentiu Dragus
An Objective Performance Analysis Method, in Handball Competitions
Carmen Gheorghe, Claudiu Mereuță
Theater, History and Memory. A Vision about Identity
Elena Botezatu Iancu
Bakery Wastes Valorization by Sustainable Practices
Bogdan Păcularu-Burada, Gabriela-Elena Bahrim
(Re)making in Romanian Contemporary Theater - a "Living Art"
Elena Botezatu Iancu
Brain-gut-microbiota Interaction and Mental Disorders
Miorita Melina Iordache
The Influence of Adapting to a New Cultural Context and Integrating Athletes into a Multicultural Team on their Market Value
Daniel Lovin
The Link between Athletes' Self-Confidence and their Market Share. Case Study Romania and France
Daniel Lovin
Financial Aspects Regarding Small and Medium-sized Boats Manufacturing Industry in Danube Delta Area
Georgiana-Alexandra Morosanu, Nicusor Baroiu
Control and Management of Ballast Water on Commercial Ships
Nicușor Baroiu, Paul Chebac, Georgiana-Alexandra Morosanu
Identification of Gram-Positive Bacteria from the Pathological Specimens Collected from the Oro-Dental Cavity in Multitest Systems
Violeta Popovici
Clinical Case Study of a Surgically Treated Patient for Cerebral Parieto-Occipital Abscess
Emre Sarikaya
Optimization of Nitrification and Denitrification Processes in a Simulated Wastewater Treatment Plant
Bogdan Rosu, Larisa Condrachi, Adrian Roșu, Maxim Arseni, Gabriel Murariu
Clinical Case Study of a Patient Surgically Treated for a Frontal Bone Depressed Fracture Following A Cranio-Cerebral Trauma after Car Accident
Emre Sarikaya
Legal Framework Regarding the Presence of Heavy Metals in Aquatic Ecosystems in Romania
Ira Adeline Simionov, Larisa Condrachi, Ștefan-Mihai Petrea, Alina Mogodan, Victor Cristea
The Study of Wave Transformation in Mangalia Port with Numerical Models
Elena Vlasceanu, Eugen Rusu
Validation Methods for Numerical Model’s Results Applied to the Marine Hydrodynamic Processes at the Romanian Coast
Elena Vlasceanu, Eugen Rusu