Danubius International Conferences, 11th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

The Danube River is a Source of Aesthetic Perception and Musical Creativity of Future Educators

Lin Yitong, Jin Yaoquan, Liu Shuchang, Zhao Junkai
Last modified: 2021-06-24


The article highlights some of the experiences of the organization of aesthetic perception of the students of the Danube Delta, in particular the works of the poet of Ismail Tamila Kibkalo “Sunny Danubian region”.

Based on philosophical vision of creativity (N. Berdyaev, V. Engelmeyer, V. Molyako, F. Schilling), a generalization is made that intuitive process of mental activity of the future musician will become more effective, if exactly the aesthetic perception of the environment is organized for students. In this regard, the role of the Danube River as a natural site with both ecological and aesthetic, transboundary and intercultural potential cannot be overemphasized. It was substantiated that the organization of aesthetic perception creates “individual start” of creativity of the future musician by optimizing necessary and sufficient socio-pedagogical conditions for his creative self-realization.