Danubius International Conferences, 12th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

21st Century Professional English Language Teachers in Higher Maritime Education in Ukraine

Olga Demchenko
Last modified: 2022-06-27


Taking into consideration the 21st century tendencies in teaching professional English language in higher maritime education in Ukraine linked with the wideworld processes (globalization, digitalization, the COVID-19 pandemic) and the local processes (the current situation in Ukraine starting from February 24, 2022), the problem of highlighting the main features of the professional figure of modern teachers in higher education is of great demand in building educational strategies of higher educational maritime establishments. In this respect, scientists actively analyze the leading factors, in particular, the process of formation of diferent competences in future professional English language teachers. This made it possible, on the one hand, to comprehend the raised problem from the point of view of today’s challenges in Ukrainian high maritime education, where the key is the lifelong professional development of teachers in higher maritime education; on the other hand, to detail the local peculiarities, where the identity of the Ukrainian Danube Region is taken into account, which is associated with the Danube River status as the second longest river in Europe, its role in transboundary relations between 10 countries it passes through in the reformation of higher education of the united Europe. In this context the purpose of our study was the investigation of the specific skills the teachers of Maritime English should have. The held discourse made it possible to establish that practitioners of higher education feel the need for a completе rethinking of prominent skills that are efficient in Maritime English teaching.