Danubius International Conferences, 13th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

How the Communication with Public Authorities is Hindered. Limitations. Opportunities

Oana Andreea Nae
Last modified: 2023-06-20


Communication between public authorities and citizens represented one of the challenges of the public system during the years of communism. In recent years, public authorities have increasingly understood and felt the need for open public communication, where citizens are informed about the activity of public institutions, which represent their interests and social, economic needs and the involvement of citizens in the decision-making process. The transparency of communication led to the creation of press offices and events, to the increase in the number of conferences and public consultations, but also to the opening of online platforms for communication with citizens.

Public communication, the information release to the citizen, is a form of democracy, but also of the efficiency of the activity, from this point of view. Even if there are still limitations of public communication, given by the old practices of the administration, left as a legacy from the old generations of officials, the communication system nowadays strives to enter the citizens' lives. If it succeeds and to what extent it does this, we will analyze during this paper.