Danubius International Conferences, 13th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Stimulation of positive motivation of students' educational and professional activities through the use of digital resources.

Nadia Kichuk
Last modified: 2023-06-20


Today's realities require certain changes in the field of education. The involvement of the student’s personal potential, in particular in higher pedagogical education, becomes especially relevant, because it is the teacher who occupies the first place among other activators of the success of students’ educational and cognitive activity, its focus on the anticipatory development of creative individuality.                                                                                        The development of the information society forms a significant resource for the activation of the positive and active attitude of modern students to the qualitative acquisition of professionally significant knowledge. After all, the transformation, distribution, and consumption of professionally valuable knowledge determines the digital transformation of the educational tasks of a higher education institution – the main link in the formation of a competitive specialist. Instead, the self-reflection of the experience of teaching activity, the results of analytical work on the pedagogically motivated use of digital devices as a motivating content of the personal and professional formation of a specialist testifies, on the one hand, that students lack critical perception and retransmission of professionally significant information in this regard, and, on the other hand – teachers quite often lack not only informatics competence, but also the ability to use pedagogically motivated knowledge with benefit for the training of future specialists in digital (information) technologies.                                                                                                 We set a goal to understand some aspects of interactivity as properties of digital technologies and devices in enriching the knowledge component of professional training of future teachers precisely through the synthesis of graphic, text, animation, video and sound educational and cognitive information.