Danubius International Conferences, 13th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Determination of Theoretical Ways and Directions of Increasing the Efficiency of the Process of Forming Personnel Policy at the Enterprise

Stepan Vielikov
Last modified: 2023-06-22


The article examines the process of developing a personnel policy, which requires expert assistance and consideration of the best practices of society. Describes the steps involved in formulating the policy, involving different levels of the work organization, and distributing copies to participants. It also provides basic principles to be followed in the development of personnel policies, such as the principles of participation, change, common interests, development, recognition, work and achievement. The need for a written form of the policy, its comprehensibility and compliance with the goals of the organization, as well as the importance of a two-way communication system and periodic revision of the policy depending on changes over time, are indicated.