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Sales Growth Directions Following The Quality Improvement Of The Wine And Wine Products

Liudmila Antohi, Maria Turtoi
Last modified: 2014-05-23


The increasing competition in any area of activity makes the level of quality as one of the effective tools that determine the worldwide competitivenes of products. Motivation of the activity of any enterprise, the quality of products is necessary to build and maintain a good reputation, becoming an important factor in gaining of new markets.

The wine industry of Moldova Republic is at a crossroads. The interdiction of Moldavian wines import in Russia since 2013 was balanced by opening the European Uniom market for Moldavian wines, plus the steps taken by Moldova to join the EU. To withstand the challenges, the wine industry of Moldova has to pursue long-term recovery and development. For that, all area producers have to change their thinking and action manner, developind and implementing plans that rely on their own forces. Complex analysis underlying such plans has to take into account bot the cultivation of the vine and the wine production. Thus, they have to pursue the use of all agricultural lands that are suitable for the cultivation of vines to produce wines with denomination of origin and wines with designation of origin (PSR wines – wines produced in specified regions), increasing the share of these wines in total wine production. Also, the existing techniques of grape processing and winemaking, the efficient use of equipment and the ensurance of proper hygiene of equipment have to be analysed to improve the quality of wine. It is imperative to implement appropriare qulity systems in wine making enterprises. The application of these measures will ensure the enhancement of wine and other wine products quality, the improvement of inland wine production image and the export promotions.