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Danubian Economy and Legislation;

Green Tourism as a Factor of Sustainable Development of the Ukrainian Danube
Sergey G. Nezdoyminov
Mihaela Aghenitei, Carmen Sirbu
The Creation and Development of Innovative Infrastructure in the Danube Countries
Liudmila Rosca-Sadurschi
Galati Port Practices in the Early 20th Century
Constantin Tanase
Functional and Role Potential of Competent Law Authorities in Formation of Ukrainian Danube Region Development Strategy
Yaroslav Kichuk
Sales Growth Directions Following The Quality Improvement Of The Wine And Wine Products
Liudmila Antohi, Maria Turtoi
The right to Freedom of Religion in the Jurisprudence of the European Court
Dura V. Nicolae, Mititelu Catalina
The Constitutive Content of the Offense of not complying with the Regime of Explosive Materials in the Romanian Criminal Law
Ion Rusu
The Constitutive Content of the Offense of Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Modifying or Erasing Trails in the Romanian Criminal Law
Minodora-Ioana Balan-Rusu
The Impact of Increasing the European Union's Role in the Development of the Transport on the Danube in Romania
Tache Bocaniala
The Establishment and Enforcement of Maintenance Obligations in the Relations between Divorced Parents and their Minor Children
Maricica Vǎleanu
Principles of Good Governance in Administration of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
Valentina Cornea
Cipriana Sava, Gheorghe Pinteala, Mircea Golosie
Considerations Regarding Crimes Against Humanity
Bogdan Bîrzu
Analysis of the Crime of Genocide
Bogdan Bîrzu
The Economic Activity of the Bulgarian Colonists in the South Bessarabia in the Mid-19th Century
Andrei Mikhailovich Schewchenko
Danube – European Geopolitical Axis
Cristian Jura
Evolution Of International Governmental Organisations Concerning Danube River
Cristian Jura
Building A Conceptual Model To Overcome The Economic Crisis In The Agricultural Sector Of Atu Gagauzia, Republic Of Moldova
Irina Todos, Svetlana Kuraksina
Financial Instruments for the Implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region - between Desideratum and Reality
Mariana Trandafir, Iudith Ipate, Bogdan Alexandru
Establishment of Center of Excellence for Precision Farming, Agricultural Sustainability and Quality Assurance of Production
Hristo Beloew, V. Pencheva
A Framework for an Organic Approach for the Analysis of Institutional Transplants in the Economic Context
Dyanko Minchev, Aleksandar Kosuliev
Features on the Estimated Crop Production in the Fragile Agriculture of the Lower Danube
D.M. Parmacli
Social Responsibility as a Means for the Sustainable Development in the Lower Danube River Basin
Tzvetelin Gueorguiev, Marieta Krasteva

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

The Orthodox Church and the Young Generation – Today’s Problems
Nicusor Tuca
The Ways to Optimize the History Education in Ukrainian Danube Region
Liliya Tsyganenko
Ancient Danube Lowland in the Postmodernism Mirror (on the basis of the K. Ransmayr novel “The Last World”)
Tatiana Shevchuk
Jean Bart and his Specific Danubian Writings
Gabriela Eugenia Caranghel
The Danube – Mythical Space in the Literary Text (Voiculescu V. and Meniuc G.)
Victoria Fonari
The Danube - the Southern Border of Moldova (Historical Aspects)
Ruslan Șevcenco
Danube and its Linguistic Representations as Reflected into Romanian Collective Mentality
Gina Necula
The Traffic on the Danube of the Seafaring Terminology with the Status of Lingua Franca
Catalin Enica
An Innovative Implication of the Atlas of European Values for Bridging Cultural Differences within the Danube Region
Juliana Popova
Success as a Cultural Value: A Comparison between the Notions of Success and Well-Being in Bulgaria and Hungary
Hristina Sokolova
The Impact of English Language as a Basic Tool to Achieve Cultural Dialogue and Mutual Knowledge between the Countries of the Danube Region
Denitsa Yordanova
Intercultural Competence - Key Competence of Multicultural Teams
Diana Bebenova-Nikolova

European Construction between Desideratum and Realities

Pedagogical Conditions of Future Philologists’ Research Culture Formation
Marina Trufkina
Originality of Foreign Language Teaching Technologies in Higher Educational Establishments of the Danube River Basin Countries.
Olga Demchenko
The Territorial – Administrative Delimitation of Bulgaria and its Lessons for Moldova
Sergiu Cornea
Brief comments on the European Union strategies for preventing and combating undeclared work
Carmen Constantina Nenu
Mihail Sebastian and his Danubian Loneliness
Alina Chesca
Eco Bio Cultural Protocols for Preservation of Endangered Agro-biodiversity Areas from the Adjacent Regions of Danube and Danube Delta
Iudith Ipate, Bogdan Alexandru, Nicolae Ipate, Amalia-Gianina Străteanu, Mariana Trandafir, Gabriela David, Mihai Enache
The Intercultural Danube - a European Model
Gheorghe Lates, Mirela Costache
Multi-level Governance and the Social Construction of Regional Identity
Mimi Kornazheva
The Cooperation of the Danube Countries within the Priority Area 11 of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region /EUSDR/
Krasimir Koev
Democracy and Identity in the Danube Region (The case of Romania and Hungary)
Boryana Stancheva
Romania – an International Actor in the Context of the Extensive Region of the Black Sea
Florin Iftode
Social Influence for Security
Florin Iftode, Cristian - Sorin Prună

Estudentiana (Students and MA students)

Tempts to bulid briges in terms of European identity. Saxon heritage shaped as European heritage under the incidence of Romanian realities
Catalina Nicoleta Manoiu
The Role of Media in Social Integration within the Danube Region
Yoanna Pankova