Danubius International Conferences, Digital Challenge Scientific Session 2023

The Role of Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Business: Benefits, Uses and Associated Risks

Pohrib Silvia-Daniela, Boscoianu Mircea
Last modified: 2023-10-20


In recent decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a force in revolutionising the way businesses operate and make decisions.

With the help of advanced AI technologies, businesses have the opportunity to improve operational efficiency, create innovative products and services, and make more informed decisions.

However, alongside the significant benefits, there are also risks associated with introducing AI into the business environment.

The aim of this article is to investigate the contribution of advanced AI technologies in the enterprise context. By taking a close look at the multiple benefits of AI technology and the associated risks, this article proposes a foray into the varied applications of AI technologies. The paper highlights the importance of optimizing operations in an enterprise by reducing costs, speeding up certain repetitive processes, thus enabling the reallocation of human resources towards innovative initiatives.

In the era of AI adoption, data security becomes a critical priority because of the significant amount of data managed by AI systems. This requires businesses to invest in data security measures to protect sensitive information and ensure its privacy.

Opacity in AI decision-making is another significant challenge. This raises questions about transparency, accountability and ethical implications. Addressing these issues requires the development of methodologies to improve the understanding and interpretation of the results generated by AI systems.Maintaining a balance between the use of AI technologies and human skills becomes essential, as over-reliance on AI can adversely affect human capacity and diversity in finding solutions to complex problems.

In conclusion, this article highlights the transformative potential of advanced AI technologies within organisations. It brings into discussion the complexities and subtleties associated with this technological evolution, addressing crucial issues such as data security, ethical considerations and the continued need for innovation in an ever-changing environment.