Danubius International Conferences, 2nd International Conference on Education in the Digital Era

Highlights of the Artificial Intelligence Impact on Medical Education, a Brief Review

Ramona Niculina Jurcau, Ioana Marieta Jurcau, Razvan Titus Pirvan, Aurelia Glavan
Last modified: 2023-07-21


The present paper debates, in the form of a short review, the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical education.AI is a broad term that refers to technology that allows robots and computers to mimic human intelligence. The current trend is increasing the attractiveness of AI applications in many fields, which is bringing large-scale changes in many professions. Thus, AIs are increasingly being implemented in medicine. In addition, the serious impact of AI on education is already evident. It is important for medical educators to first of all have fundamental information on the use of AI in methodology, content and teaching, in order to be prepared for the changes that AI brings. For medical students, but also for already practicing doctors, getting familiar with AI applications in medicine and acquiring appropriate skills becomes a necessity. Therefore, medical education must consider the construction of useful curricula for AI training of future and current doctors, leading to the acquisition of the basic skills and competencies that AI requires.