Danubius International Conferences, 2nd International Conference on Education in the Digital Era

Doctors' Opinion of Online-Versus-Physical Format of a Postgraduate Course on Stress Modulation

Ramona Niculina Jurcau, Ioana Marieta Jurcau, Razvan Titus Pirvan, Aurelia Glavan
Last modified: 2023-07-21


Stress is a topic of interest in the literature, from multiple perspectives. Preparing medical staff to manage the stress modulation is very brief in our country and, on the other hand, postgraduate training courses for physicians represent a form of training on various medical topics or topics with medical connections. Such a course was dedicated to the physicians training on a topic of stress modulation of surgical, in a hybrid format, online and onsite. The paper presents the differences that appeared as a result of the two forms of participation, regarding the assimilation of information after the course.