Danubius International Conferences, 16th International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives

To a Green Economy across the European Union

Monica Laura Zlati, Romeo Victor Ionescu, Valentin-Marian Antohi
Last modified: 2021-04-05


The paper deals with assessing the impact of innovation on the green economy and quality of life through policies promoted at EU level. The objectives of the paper are to assess the impact level of the policy implementation across the Member States through the R&D process and to identify models for the development of the green economy in Europe. The applied methods are empirical and analytical based on the study of literature, econometric modeling, pivoting econometric models, trend synthesis, prioritization and staging of policy experimentation in the Member States through data processing and statistical programs. The results consist in obtaining development models for the green economy at EU and national levels and for the evaluation of the temporal and regional development syncopes for the EU green economy in relation to the assumed strategic objectives. The paper has a deep practical character. It contributes to the early identification of vulnerabilities that may affect the development of European strategic projects in relation to events and security breaches occurring at EU level at any given time.