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Legal Sciences in the New Millennium

Bodily Injury at Fault
Ion Rusu
Hitting and Aggressive Behaviors in the Romanian Law
Bogdan Bîrzu
Determination or Facilitation of Suicide
Minodora-Ioana Rusu
The Digital Green Certificate - Limitation or Facilitation of the Right to Free Movement and Residence on the Territory of the European Union?
Tache Bocaniala
The Legal Regime of Assimilated Administrative Acts
Vasilica Negruț
Euthanasia - Between Good Death and Christian Death
Nelu Gheorghiță
Some Aspects Regarding the Application of the More Favorable Criminal Law when the Acts were Committed under the Rule of the 1968 Criminal Code
Mihaela Rotaru
Interactive Methods in the Teaching – Learning - Evaluation Process
Angelica Staicu
Considerations Regarding the Exclusion of Derived Evidence in the Pre-Trial Chamber Procedure
Sandra Gradinaru
Practical Aspects Regarding the Involvement of the Romanian Intelligence Service in Criminal Investigation Files - When the Technical Support Acquires the Value of a Criminal Investigation Act
Andrei Apostol
The Unlawfulness of the Criminal Investigation Acts Drawn up by the Employees of the General Anticorruption Directorate with the Violation of the Competence Ratione Personae
Sandra Gradinaru
Causes of Ineffectiveness that may Affect the Maintenance Contract
Mirela Paula Costache, Bogdan Liviu Ciucă

The Immigrant’s Legal Status in International Law

Return migration: a pattern of policy transfer or a domestic approach?
Tatiana Camelia Dogaru (Cruceanu)

The European Citizen and Public Administration

Protection of the Right to Health through Legal Means and Marketing Studies
Adelin-Mihai Zagarin, Alexandru-Bogdan Ursoiu
Administrative Cooperation at European Union Level by Applying the Internal Market Information System
Modiga Georgeta, Gabriel Ioan Avramescu, Andreea Miclea
The Green Public Procurement System at European Level
Modiga Georgeta, Gabriel Ioan Avramescu, Andreea Miclea
The Place and Role of Projects in Public Administration
Manuela Panaitescu
Reasonable Term. Component of the Right to Good Administration
Cristiana Maria Ieremie

Performance and Risks in the European Economy

Behavior of Production Factors when changing their Price for a Cobb-Douglas Production Function
Catalin Angelo Ioan
Linking Inequality and Economic Growth from a Consumer Perspective
Ledia Thomo
Economic Aspects Regarding The Development Of The Liberal Professions In Romania
Gabriela Marchis
Dropout Factors for Non-Traditional University Students and Intervention Ideas for Romania
Madalina Balau
The Single Market Framework and the International and European Economic Policies, regarding the Avoidance of Economic Crisis
Athanasios Panagopoulos, Thomas Chatzigagios
About the real value of knowledge, Intellectual Capital and resilience in the new cognition economy
Calin Rangu
Change in Unemployment between 2019 and 2020 in Romania and The Republic of Moldova as a Result of Pandemic Crisis
Rodica Pripoaie
The Analysis of the Covid-19 Pandemic Impact on Average Wages per Country
Rodica Pripoaie
The Influence of the Health Crisis on the Romanian Tourism Industry
Anca Turtureanu, Carmen Mihaela Cretu, Florentina Chitu
Epistemological Aspects Regarding the Behaviors Placed in the Leadership Logic
Florentina Chitu, Anca Turtureanu, Carmen Mihaela Cretu
Tax evasion, a expression of the underground economy, and the role of Romanian tax authorities in combating the phenomenon
Marius Oprean
The Impact of Covid in Higher Education System of Albania
Lirola Keri, Albana Jupe
The Risks - Management Responsibility and the Role of Internal Audit in Risk Assessment
Nicoleta Ardeleanu (Trifu)
Risk in Business in Modern Organizations in the Context of Change
Cătălina Sitnikov, Ionela Staneci (Drinceanu), Silvia Mioara Ilie (Troi), Alina Mădălina Belu
Directions For Modernizing Public Management
Ionut Riza, Costinel Cristian Militaru, Mariana Paraschiva Olaru (Staicu), Aurel Dinca
Entrepreneurial Education: Attitudes And Perceptions Of Employers Versus Skills And Competences Of Graduates
Irina Todos, Ludmila Roșca-Sadurschi, Svetlana Bîrlea, Ana Nedelcu
Concentration paths of the compulsory health care insurance system in the Republic of Moldova
Lilia Vasile Dragomir
Economic and Social Asymmetries on the Territorial Profile of Romania
Florin-Dan Pușcaciu, Rose-Marie Pușcaciu
The Economic Consequences of the Last Pandemic Hanging the World
Viorica Pușcaciu, Rose-Marie Pușcaciu
Volunteer Tourism or Voluntourism
Dan Păuna
Qualitative Study on the Audit of Non-Financial Information. Implementation of Directive 95/2014
Florentin-Emil Tanasă
Public Revenue Analysis of the Budget Administered by the National Health Insurance House of Romania and the Clawback Tax Impact
Mihai-Bogdan Petrișor

Green Economy and Sustainable Development

The impact of demographic pressure upon the environment
Florian Nuta, Fatmir Memaj
To a Green Economy across the European Union
Monica Laura Zlati, Romeo Victor Ionescu, Valentin-Marian Antohi
Sustainable Development Management and its Implications in the Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings
Manuela Panaitescu

Modeling Growth – between Public Policy and Entrepreneurship

Conceptual differentiations on ‘social entrepreneurship’. Examples from Romania
Roxana Marin
The importance of the health system financing policy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Alina Nuta, Lili Gabriela Lozneanu
A Comparative Analysis of the Baltic Countries Regarding the Attractiveness for Companies
Alisa-Mihaela Ambrozie, Sergiu Sorcaru, Stefan Topliceanu, Florin Nicolae Prunău

International Relations in the Contemporary World. Geopolitics and Diplomacy

A Sociological Approach to Drug Use
Angela Mihaela Ene
An Analysis of Brexit’s Impact on Bilateral Relation: Romania’s Cultural and Public Diplomacy in UK 2016-2020
Mihaela Adriana Pădureanu
Statistical model regarding the infection with Covid-19 of some areas in Romania
Beteringhe Adrian, Stanciu Lidia, Stanciu Filip
Management of Cyber - Espionage Intrusions
Mircea Mocanu
Strategic Thinking, Strategies and Power in Contemporary Society
Nicolae Florin Prunău
Romanian Cyberspace During the COVID-19 Era: Threats and Mitigation
Pavel Tal, Beteringhe Adrian
Anglo-American and Soviet Perceptions on the Reorganization of the Postwar World
Stefan Gheorghe
Personal And Confidential Diplomacy of the Three Great Powers
Stefan Gheorghe
Effects of Brexit on the Romanian Community in the United Kingdom
Florin Iftode
Modeling and Simulation of the Organic Evolution of Human Communities in the Black Sea Area. Formulation of the Problem
Cristian-Sorin Pruna

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

Does Leader Member Exchange and Trust Enhance Absorptive Capacity of Tourism Firms? An Empirical Comparison of Two Nations
Bekir Eşitti, Camelia Panfiloiu
Theoretical Principles in the Translation of Pharmaceutical Texts
Ana Maria Mangher (Chițac)
Assessment methods and tools in preschool education. Case study
Aviana Anca Elena, Popescu Delia Mioara, Anghel Elena, Marin Alexandra
Curricular design of the mathematics lesson in kindergarten
Rotaru Florica, Popescu Delia Mioara
The Internal Communication-The Road to a Performing Organization
Marcela Monica Stoica
Using Metacognitive Strategies in the Process of Understanding Personal and Organizational Values
Florentina Popa
Accessing the Trauma of Communism. Language, symbols and representations
Delia Oprea
Spoken Language vs. Written Language in John Dewey’s Philosophy
Cristinel Munteanu

New Trends in Psychology

Addictive Behaviours among Adolescences and Emergent Adults
Lacramioara Mocanu, Elena-Lidia Nita
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Procrastination
Lacramioara Mocanu, Elena-Lidia Nita
Discoveries Regarding the Genetic Determinism of Cognitive Processes and Human Behavior
Doinita Popa
Psychological, Legal and Organizational Perspectives on Mobbing as a Specific Phenomenon of Discrimination
Doinita Popa

Sports Governance. Modern Methods and Practices

Customer Relationship Marketing in Martial Arts
Corneliu Miron
The Value of Outdoor Physical Therapy Exercises
Camelia Panfiloiu

The Youth of Today - The Generation of the Global Development

Europe Strategy 2020
Lenuta Oana Lungu
Counterfeiting and Fraud of Credit and Debit Cards. National and European Legislative Affairs
Alexandru Adrian Eni
Cryptocurrencies, the future of money or the money of the future
Burlacu Nicoleta Veronica
Child Adoption Infringements within the European Union
Carmen Ion, Lenuta Giurgea
Mediation On The Matter Of Parental Responsibility, The Concern Of The European Judicial System Of The New Millennium
Lenuta Giurgea, Carmen Ion
Russian Interests in the Black Sea Region
Bogdan Marian Gotu
Defining corruption - an analysis on the sabotage of Laura Codruța Kövesi, in the race for the head of the European Prosecutor's Office
Bogdan Marian Gotu
Exercise Capacity and Usability of AI Subjects
Anca Florina Mateescu
Physical Education lesson for Disabled Children through Quarantine Pandemic Covid 19 Situation
Adina Geambasu, Razvan Danciu
Steps for Making a Video
Georgiana-Sabina Rusescu
The Importance of Communicating Organizational Values
Daniel Prodan
Aspects of Business Negotiation and Communication at “Allianz Țiriac Asigurări S.A.”
Aurora Constantin
Communication in Local Public Institutions
Cristina Mândră
Analysis of the Impact of Advertisements upon the Consumer
Beatrice Alina Ghiniță
The Role of Public Relations Specialist in Promoting the Educational Environment
Cristina Ionașcu
The Role of Digitalization in Public Policy Communication
Lavini Magearu
Verbal and Nonverbal Communication in Negotiation Processes
Lucian Lupu
Internet and Public Relations
Ciprian Paraschiv
Interpersonal Communication in an Organization. Barriers in Communication
Cristina Negraia
Analysis of the Implementation of Greening Campaigns in Șendreni Commune
Valerica Negru
Increasing Employee Satisfaction as an Effect of Optimizing Internal Communication
Alexandra - Andreea Zaharia
Advantages and Disadvantages of Digitalisation in Accounting
Isabela Raluca Bogasiu (Anton), Nicoleta Ardeleanu (Trifu)
Accounting of Tangible Fixed Assets
Daniela-Claudia Prata

Contemporary Scientific and Technological Aspects towards an Entrepreneurial Approach

The Evaluation of Two Variants Microencapsulated Powder Containing Black Rice Anthocyanins and Lactic Acid Bacteria
Carmen-Alina Bolea, Mihaela Turturică, Mihaela Cotârleț, Elena Enachi, Vasilica Barbu, Nicoleta Stănciuc
Statistical Analysis on the Influence of Car Pollution on the Main Causes of Death in Romania
Valentin-Tiberiu Amorțilă
Determination of Kinematic Parameters of the Foot-Leg-Thigh Biomechanical Subsystem without Light Markers
Valentin-Tiberiu Amorțilă
Development of a Functional Black Rice Flour Product
Carmen-Alina Bolea, Mihaela Turturică, Nicoleta Stănciuc
Difficulties and Challenges in Voluminous Hiatal Hernias
Răzvan Boșneagu
Redo Surgery after Gastric Plication
Răzvan Boșneagu
A Literature Review on Business Process Management, Business Process Innovation and Business Process Reengineering
Iustina – Cristina Costea-Marcu
Activities Scheduling for a Medical Software Development Using Critical Path Method
Iustina – Cristina Costea-Marcu
The Mechanical Response of PA6 and Kevlar composite
George Cătălin Cristea, Sorina Ilina, Cristina-Elisabeta Pelin, Mihai Georgescu
Mechanical Response of Polyamide PA6 Enhanced with Silicon Carbide Nanoparticles
George Cătălin Cristea, Sorina Ilina, George Pelin, Adriana Stefan, Maria Sonmez
Comparative Study of Two Sensors Performances Regarding the Detection of L-Phenylalanine and L-Tyrosine
Ancuta Dinu (Iacob), Constantin Apetrei
Versatile Electrochemical Devices for L-Tyrosine Amino Acid Detection
Ancuta Dinu (Iacob), Constantin Apetrei
Corrosion Behavior of Metallic Alloys Used in Fixed Prosthetic Works
Laurențiu Drăguș
Degradation Mechanisms of Fixed Dental Prosthetic Works: a Systematic Review
Laurențiu Drăguș
The Impact of Project Culture on the Risk Management Performance within International Projects with Teams in the Virtual Environment
Iulia Dumitrașcu-Băldău
How Neuromanagement can Improve Risk Management Process within International Projects with Teams in the Virtual Environment
Iulia Dumitrașcu-Băldău
Quantitative Schlieren and its Applications as a Measurement Method in the Energy Based Industry
Emilia Prisacariu, Marius Enache
The Impact of Natural Gas Enriched with Hydrogen on the Environment and its Usage in the European Household Applications
Marius Enache, Emilia Prisacariu
A Comparative Analysis of Heart Rate and Body Temperature, Between First Line Players and Substitute Players, During Handball Competitions
Carmen Gheorghe, Claudiu Mereuță
Passive Break Effects During Handball Competitions According to Romanian Specialists
Carmen Gheorghe, Claudiu Mereuță, Andreea Dobre
Vision on Identity and Social Complexes in Mihaela Michailov's Theater
Elena Botezatu Iancu
Existences "at the Limit" in Ștefan Caraman's Theater
Elena Botezatu Iancu
Multimedia Content Management Solutions for Modern Web Applications
Andrei Luchian
Changes in Agile Teams Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Andrei Luchian
Postbiotic Exopolysaccharides Obtained by Controlled Fermentation Processes with Selected Lactic Acid Bacteria: Extraction and Characterization
Bogdan Păcularu-Burada, Gabriela-Elena Bahrim
Sourdough - a Functional Remedy in COVID-19 Pandemic Context
Bogdan Păcularu-Burada, Gabriela-Elena Bahrim
Analysis of Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Potential for Usnea barbata (L.) F.H.Wigg. Extracts in Different Solvents
Violeta Popovici, Laura Bucur, Victoria Badea
Secondary Metabolites Content and Antibacterial Activity of Usnea barbata (L.) F.H.Wigg. Extracts in Different Solvents
Violeta Popovici, Laura Bucur, Victoria Badea
Optimizing the Performance of a Simulated Wastewater Treatment Plant by the Relaxation Method
Bogdan Roșu, Larisa Condrachi, Adrian Roșu, Arseni Maxim, Gabriel Murariu
Improving the Performance of a Control Strategy Applied to a Simulated Wastewater Treatment plant
Bogdan Roșu, Larisa Condrachi, Adrian Roșu, Arseni Maxim, Gabriel Murariu
Clinical Case Study of a Surgically Treated Patient for Multiple Brain Abscesses
Emre Sarikaya
Clinical Case Study of a Patient Treated for a Cranio-Cerebral Wound by Shooting
Emre Sarikaya
The Influence of Indigenous Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeasts Strains on the Aromatic Palette of Pinot Noir Wine
Diana Ionela Stegăruș, Ecaterina Lengyel, Petru Alexe, Adina Frum
The Identification and Quantification of Terpenic Compounds from Aromatic and Semi-Aromatic Musts from Moldavia Region, Romania
Ioana Rebenciuc, Ecaterina Lengyel, Petru Alexe, Adina Frum, Oana Botoran, Diana Ionela Stegăruș
The Importance of Continuous Holter Monitoring of Arterial Blood Pressure in the Correct Diagnosis of Arterial Hypertension in Pediatric Patients
Miruna-Patricia Dragostin
Equations in Algebras Obtained by the Cayley-Dickson Process
Mariana-Geanina Tudor (Zaharia)
Arterial Hypertension in Pediatric Patients during COVID-19 Pandemic
Miruna-Patricia Dragostin
Implementation of an IIoT Access Gateway for the ModBusE –Modbus Extension using BeagleBone Black
Cornel Ventuneac, Vasile Gheorghiță Găitan
Some Solutions of the Equation X2+Ax+B=0 with Elements of Type Quaternion Fibonacci
Mariana-Geanina Tudor (Zaharia)
Data Mining in Educational Data – Useful Tool for Sustainable Learning Development
Corina Simionescu, Mirela Danubianu, Corneliu-Octavian Turcu
The Role of Key Performance Indicator in Port Management
Andra Luciana Țurcanu (Marcu), Carmen Marilena Gasparotti
Iris Recognition Used for the Implementation of a Green-Passports System Regarding the Vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 Virus for the UE Citizens
Catalin Lupu, Cornel Turcu
Performance Indicators Specific to Import-Export Activity on Inland Waterways and their Impact on Management Decisions
Andra Luciana Țurcanu (Marcu), Carmen Marilena Gasparotti
Real-Time Iris Recognition of Individuals – an Entrepreneurial Approach
Catalin Lupu, Cornel Turcu
Food Applications of Carrot (Daucus Carota L.)
Mihaela Turturică, Carmen Alina Bolea, Gabriela Elena Bahrim
Phytochemical Characterization of Daucus Carota L.
Mihaela Turturică, Carmen Alina Bolea, Gabriela Elena Bahrim
Extreme Meteo-Hidrological Conditions Asociated to the Storm Regim at Romanian Coast
Elena Vlăsceanu
Abdominal Ultrasonography and Early Diagnosis of Peritoneal Mesothelioma
Elena Ciciu (Lambru), Ana-Maria Pașatu-Cornea, Liliana Tuță, Ioan Tiberiu Tofolean
Wind and Wave Offshore and Nearshore Regime in Constanta Area
Elena Vlăsceanu
Experimental Plotting of Static Characteristics of Rotary Hydraulic Pumps
Daniela Voicu, Vilău Radu, Ramona-Monica Stoica
Additive Manufacturing Techniques for Mechanical Metamaterials: Recent Advances
Oana Alexandra Mocian
Analyzing Surface Roughness of an Auto-truck Cylinder after Several Running Hours
Daniela Voicu, Radu Vilău, Ramona-Monica Stoica
Aspects Regarding the Organization and Functioning of the Student Entrepreneurial Societies (SES) in Higher Education System from Romania
Georgiana-Alexandra Moroșanu, Virgil-Gabriel Teodor, Nicușor Baroiu
Simulation and Analysis of the Mechanical behaviour of a Gas Storage Vessel
George Ghiocel Ojoc, Lorena Deleanu
Cerium-doped Hydroxyapatite for Medical Imaging
Andrei Viorel Păduraru, Adina Musuc, Bogdan Ștefan Vasile, Ecaterina Andronescu, Ovidiu Oprea, Roxana Trușcă
Tuberous sclerosis or Angiomyolipoma? A case Report
Ana-Maria Pașatu-Cornea
Data Block Saving Policy in the Hadoop V1 Architecture
Elisabeta Zăgan
Data Lake Ecosystem and Implementation Methods
Elisabeta Zăgan
Towards Useful Information from Unstructured Data Mining
Adina Bărîlă, Mirela Danubianu, Corneliu Turcu
Seaweed - from Scientific Research to Entrepreneurship
Florina Cristiana Capriță, Antoaneta Ene
The Influence of Global Warming on the Economical Sustainability of Fisheries and Aquaculture Activities
Ira-Adeline Simionov, Larisa Condrachi, Ștefan-Mihai Petrea, Alina Mogodan, Victor Cristea
Challenges in Complex Oxide Systems
Vasile-Adrian Surdu, Ecaterina Andronescu
Production and Possible Marketing of New Antioxidant and Nutritious Juices from Momordica Charantia Fruits, Cultivated in Romania, in Response to Health-Conscious
Anna Busuioc (Cazanevscaia), Andreea-Veronica Dediu Botezatu, Costel Vinatoru, Mihaela-Rodica Dinică
Macro-Elements Prediction in the Tissues of Carassius Gibelio (Bloch, 1782), Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems
Larisa Condrachi, Ira-Adeline Simionov, Ștefan-Mihai Petrea, Bogdan Roșu, Alina Mogodan