Call for Papers


Abstract Submission: April 28th, 2023 on the website of the conference
Notification of acceptance: April 29th, 2023
Final paper Submission for the proceedings: May 31, 2023 on the Proceedings website EIRP Proceedings  (for those interested to publish in the conference proceedings)
Deadline for registration and for paying the conference fee: 1st May, 2023
2023 EIRP International Conference: May 19-20nd, 2023


All papers will be submitted to a scientific review process after which the accepted papers will be published in the EIRP Proceedings, under the ISSN reference 2067 – 9211, included in international databases (BDI).



Interested participants are invited to submit their original papers, previously unpublished, not currently under review by another conference or journal, addressing state-of-the-art research and development in the following areas:

1. Legal Sciences in the New Millennium;
Track Director: Professor Jana Maftei, PhD

2. The Immigrant’s Legal Status in International Law;
Track Director: Associate Professor Andy Puşcă, PhD

3. The European Citizen and Public Administration;
Track Directors: Senior Lecturer Iulian Savenco, PhD

4. Green Economy and Sustainable Development;
Track Directors: Associate Professor Florian Nuţă, PhD

Dr. Farhan Ahmed

5. Modeling Growth – Challenges and Opportunities;
Track Director: Associate Professor Alina Nuţă, PhD

Dr.  Muhammad Irfan

6. International Relations in the Contemporary World. Geopolitics and Diplomacy

Track Directors: Associate Professor Iftode Florin, PhD

Associate Professor Stefan Gheorghe, PhD

7. Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science
Track Director: Professor Cristinel Munteanu, PhD

8. The University of the 21st century - Challenges, Emerging Models and Perspectives;

Track Director: Associate Professor Filip Stanciu, PhD

9. New Trends in Psychology
Track Director: Senior Lecturer Susanu Neaga, PhD

10.  Sports Governance. Modern Methods and Practices

Track Director: Florin Sari, Romanian Footbal Federation

11. The New Paradigm of FinTech and CyberSecurity

Track Director: Senior Lecturer Catalin Rangu, PhD

12.        Medical and Health Education

13.        Health Issues, Policy, and Leadership

14.        Higher Education Issues, Policy, and Management

15.        Technology in Education

16.        The Youth of Today - The Generation of the Global Development - Estudentiana -

Track Directors: Senior Lecturer Ana Alina Ionescu Dumitrache, PhD
Senior Lecturer Daniela Popa Tanase, PhD
Senior Lecturer Rose-Marie Puscaciu, PhD
Senior Lecturer Luminita Maria Filip, PhD

Author Guidelines


All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings, EIRP Proceedings, under the ISSN reference 2067 – 9211, included in international data bases (BDI) as long as the final paper (camera-ready) submission has been received by the organizers, the fee has been paid and the registration as participant has been completed.


There are four types of paper for the Conference, namely:

Full Papers: Papers allocated 6-10 pages in the conference proceedings;

Short Papers: Papers allocated 4-6 pages in the conference proceedings;

Posters: Papers presented as poster are assigned a 4-page limit in the conference proceedings.

Student Papers: Papers allocated 4-6 pages in the conference proceedings.

The total number of pages will be considered after the paper is correctly formatted according to the template.

Every presenter will be given 12 minutes for presentation plus 3 minutes for questions and answers.

The author who has an accepted paper, irrespective of the paper type (full paper, short paper, poster or student paper), must be registered as a participant.

A maximum of 4 co-authors per paper is allowed.

Each author has the right to submit no more than 3 papers (one paper and two additional papers).


The provided template should be used for all paper formats:


The preliminary paper submission format is the same as the final paper (camera-ready) submission format.

Authors are requested not to modify the given template while formatting their final paper (camera-ready) submission. Each submission will be analyzed and if any formatting error is found, it may be sent to the authors for proper re-formatting.

If the template is not used then the authors have to assure the correct papers formatting otherwise the final paper (camera-ready) submission may not be accepted for inclusion in the EIRP Proceedings (EIRP Proceedings being included in international data bases).


All papers must be submitted electronically, by clicking the Step one of the submission process button on the bottom of the Call for Papers.

Authors should submit an original paper in English or French, carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling, using the conference site’s online submission procedure. The title, abstract, keywords and bibliography must be in English, regardless of the language of the article.

Papers that are out of the conference’s scope or contain any form of plagiarism will be rejected without being reviewed.

1. Preliminary Paper submission (for review and acceptance in the conference) on the website of the conference

A preliminary paper presents a work where the research is completed but it needs to be evaluated by our reviewers before being accepted at 2023 EIRP International Conference. It may be accepted as a "full paper", a "short paper", a "poster" or as a “student papers”.

The Conference uses the blind peer review process (three international and national reviewers for each paper). To facilitate that, the authors are kindly requested to provide the paper, WITHOUT any reference to any data of the authors. This means that is necessary to remove the authors’ personal details, the acknowledgements section and any reference that may disclose the authors’ identity. Only DOC/DOCX file format is accepted.

The online submission procedure automatically sends an acknowledgement, by e-mail, to the contact author. The authors are required to follow the reviewers’ recommendations in order to improve their papers.

2. Final Paper (Camera-ready) submission (for publishing)

After the preliminary paper reviewing process is completed, the corresponding author (the author who submitted the paper) of each paper will be notified of the result, by e-mail. The authors are required to follow the reviews/recommendations in order to improve their paper if necessary and to submit the final paper with all the information about all its authors, before May 31, 2023.

In order to upload your final paper, simply log in to your EIRP Proceedings site account with your username and password. If you do not have one, go to log in and access the Not a user? Register with this site. Once you have logged into EIRP Proceedings, click on “New submission”. Follow the same steps as for any new submission and upload your final paper (with all the data on the author and co- author/s and according to the recommendations of the reviewers); do not forget to click on “finish submission” button at the end. Please acknowledge that the Preliminary Paper submission has been subscribed in the site of the Conference, and the final paper has to be subscribed in the site of the ProceedingsEIRP Proceedings.

3. Registration of participation

After the notification of acceptance received by e-mail and the Final Paper (Camera-ready) submission, authors are kindly asked to REGISTER to attend the conference, by filling out the Registration Form online.

Please do not forget to send us by email the proof of your payment, at or (Ms. Felicia Balanescu). Student and PhD student authors are kindly required to email also the scanned copy of their student identification card.


Authors who have their papers accepted may start preparing for the conference. Here is a simple checklist and guideline for reference:

Send your paper for publication - Upload the final (camera ready) paper by April 28th, 2023.

-  You may send your paper for publication immediately after receiving the preliminary acceptance.

-   The camera ready paper must be uploaded only through the EIRP Proceedings website (not by e-mail).

-   The papers will be submitted in English or French (the title, abstract, keywords and bibliography must be in English, regardless of the language of the article).

Review your paper if necessary

-   Take into account the suggestions and corrections highlighted by the reviewers.

-   The length of the final paper should be no more than 8 pages in A4 size, including tables, graphs, bibliographies and references (see the Paper Types for details).

Verify the format of your paper

-    Download the MS Word TEMPLATE.

Register as participant and pay the conference fee by 1st May, 2023

-   All registration must be done by filling out the Registration Form online, after the notification of acceptance received by e-mail and the Final Paper (Camera-ready) submission;

-   Participants assume full responsibility for paying all bank charges associated with the transaction.


Update the information about the author who is going to present the paper

-   When submitting the final paper, please state who among the authors will be  presenting the paper. Each paper must be presented by at least one author at the conference’s sessions.

-  Make sure the presenter’s name is correct as it will be used in the certificate of attendance/presentation.

Prepare your presentation slides

-   Every presenter will be given 12 minutes for presentation plus 3 minutes for questions and answers. Please prepare your slides to fit into that duration.

-   An effective oral presentation should be structured accordingly: introduction, outline of main points, detail of main points, conclusion.


On the day of your presentation, please report to your assigned room 10 or 15 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin.  Introduce yourself to the Chairman of the section your paper belongs to, and check that any audio-visual equipment you need to use is setup and working properly.


Submissions for this conference were closed on 2023-04-28.