Danubius International Conferences, 2nd International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

The Danube 3D

Jana Maftei
Last modified: 2012-05-28


Danube, a River International, whose waters cross the Romanian territory over a distance of 1075 km, is of a particular importance for Europe and it has a huge economic and strategic significance for our country. The significance of Danube was recognized since ancient times and the doctrinal opinions highlight the role of the Old River in the existence of the Romanian state. Making the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal has made it the Pan-European transport corridor. The recent EU concerns for the Danube region have resulted in the adoption by the Commission in December 2010 EU Strategy for the Danube Region, which aims at strengthening the 14 countries’ cooperation for the sustainable progress of the region. All these aspects we have covered in the paper addressing Danube from three angles: historical, legal and geopolitical one. For the elaboration of the paper we have used as research methods the analysis of the mentioned issues from the doctrine point of view in the specialized treaties and papers, documentary research, interpretation of legal rules in the field. As the Danube collects water that flows through the territories, the European countries have to consider a bond in their effective cooperation for the prosperity of their inhabitants.