Danubius International Conferences, 5th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

The Danube Region Protection – Challenges for Green Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility in Serbia

Jelena S. Stanković, Marina Z. Strižak
Last modified: 2015-06-02


During past years the influence of climate changes on environmental factors, such as water, soil, and air, has become significant and pretty unavoidable. Based on that, antropogenic influences like industrial, communal, and agrar wastewater discharge, have become more endangering to the ecosystem as a whole. In this paper we will analyse the possibilities for reducing antropogenic influences through the processes of controlling and monitoring of the wastewater as well as the Danube river watergang. The European Union Framework Directive has been implemented into the legislative system of the Republic of Serbia, with the purpose of more complete protection of the Danube Region. In that sense, the prevention of the drinking water deficit requires a multidisciplinary approach, which includes activities on green marketing and a higher level of corporate social responsibility. Water, in all its aspects, has a strong economic value, which is the reason why it has to be recognized as an economic resource as well as a highly influential factor of local community development. Integrated management system of wastewater has to be established on the overall cooperation among consumers, planners, and policy designers at all levels – local, regional and global.