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Danubian Economy and Legislation

The Election Procedure Of The Local Councilors In The Republic Of Moldova
Natalia Saitarlî

European Construction between Desideratum and Realities

The Strategy Concerning the Development of the Danube Euroregion, between Desire and Pragmatism
Petru Filip, Mihai Bogdan Stavar
Semasiological Approach To The Investigation Of The Danubian Basin Axionomens
Tetyana Soroka
La Transmigration Des Gagaouzes Sur Le Territoire De La Bessarabie
Valentyna Shevchuk
Positive Socialization of Younger Schoolchildren: Validation of the Experimental Model of Future Teachers’ Preparation
Yulia Sych
Resources the Development of Tourism of Ukrainian Danube
Vyacheslav Todorov, Daria Svetlichnaya
The Mental Markers Of Folk Mythology In М. Hrymych Novel «Red Poppy In The Dew ...»
Alla Sokolova
Russian Dialect Peculiarities In The Village Of Nikolaevka In Tarutino District Of Odessa Region
Olena Serikova
Some Dialects Of “Romania” Languages Which Appeared As A Result Of Changes And Transformations Of The Latin Language Depending On Geographical Situation
Lyudmila Starodedova
The Symbolism of Colour in the Modern German Youth Slang
Tetiana Shavlovska
DAC Project “Gate of the Village” in Budjak
Tatiana Shevchuk
Latin Loans In French Contemporary Advertising: Socio-Cultural, Linguistic and Psychological Aspects
Olga Kudinova, Julia Shuleshova
Galati, a Strategic Point between Europe, Middle East and Asia with the Help of Danube
Sergiu-Lucian Sorcaru
Interactive Ways Of Becoming A Specialist Fine Art Of The Ukrainian Danube Region
Ivan Pastyr, Alla Dobreva, Yuliya Sych

Estudentiana (Students and MA students)

Black Sea Synergy: Review Of A Regional Cooperation Initiative
Nicoleta Suruceanu