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The Ways to Optimize the History Education in Ukrainian Danube Region

Liliya Tsyganenko
Last modified: 2014-05-15


The history education in the Danube region has a long tradition. In 1940 Akkerman Teachers’ Institute (later – Izmail State Pedagogical Institute) opened the Faculty of History, which lasted until 1950. Revival of the history education in the region occurred in 1991, when at the college, within the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology was resumed training of the historical profile. As an independent faculty of the University the Department of History existed from 2001 to 2011. Demographic problems, poor funding, remoteness from major research centers, the lack of historical perspective of the scientific projects call into question the ability to save in Izmail University the training center for historians of the region.

Today there is an urgent need to optimize the approaches and principles of the organization of history education in the Danube region, which should be based on the application of scientific research in the educational process, expanding European integration approaches, joint historical research, frank discussion on relevant and topical issues of the past Bessarabia. As well as the creation by the scientists of Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova joint history textbooks of the Danube region.