Danubius International Conferences, 1st International Conference on Education in the Digital Era

The Technological Dimension of Psycho-Pedagogical Counseling with Elements of Integrative Psychotherapy of Pedagogical Students in the Process of Initial Professional Training

Olga Raileanu
Last modified: 2022-07-13


The theoretical-applicative study focuses on specifying and explaining the main theories and technological dimensions of psycho-pedagogical counseling with elements of integrative psychotherapy of pedagogical students in the initial professional training process. One of the main resources of the educational process are the teachers, those who through their competence and erudition contribute instantly to the formation of the developing personality. The goal that modern university education should aspire to is to harness the potential of students to train and prepare a competent personality, able to meet the requirements of a successful education system and society in general. This goal can be achieved through the direct contribution of university teachers, who would be able to develop the creative skills and professional imagination of future teachers to provide the necessary support services to students facing difficulties in all areas of life. In this context, the author models the situations of psycho-pedagogical counseling that concretely determine the possibilities of identifying and elaborating strategies for optimizing this process. The concepts of: counseling, psycho-pedagogical counseling, integrative psychotherapy, vocational training, initial training are also delimited.