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The Reflective, Creative and Innovative Teacher in the Digital Era

Computer-Assisted Training in the Emergence of Devices
Beteringhe Adrian, Lidia Stanciu, Stanciu Filip
Innovative Elements in the Intervention and Prevention of Writing-Reading Disorders
Diamanta Bulai
Preschool Education in the Digital Age
Ligia Luca
Psycho-Pedagogical Counseling in the Age of Digitalization and the Ecosystem of Well-Being
Violeta Musunoiu-Hoton
Prolegomena to the Didactics of Forgetting
Gheorghe Lates
Challenges of Education: Teaching and Learning from In-person to Online
Viorica Isaia, Maria Sofia Isaia
The Tertiary Education and the Digital Era. Some Specific Considerations about the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Learning
Filip Stanciu
The Need to Reconfigure the Educational Process in the Digital Age
Gina Brinzan

Inclusive Educational Environment in the Virtual School

The Teacher Between Real and Virtual
Mihaela Gabriela Mardare Chirila
Online Group Psychotherapy for Oncology Patients in the Active Phase of Treatment
Elena Gabriela Vâlcu, Cristina Ștefănescu
Rethinking Education in the Digital Age
Monica Condruz-Bacescu
Online Education and Physical Therapy in the Special School
Talida Dorina Constandache
Student Perception of the Quality of Personal Efforts and Learning Outcomes in a Virtual Environment
Steve O. Michael, Doinita Popa

The Professionalization of Teaching Career in the Digital World

The Teacher of the Future. Adaptation and Modernized Progress in Education
Oana Andreea Nae
The Impact of Economic Theories on the Economic Behavior of Pedagogical Students
Anastasia Oloieru
The Technological Dimension of Psycho-Pedagogical Counseling with Elements of Integrative Psychotherapy of Pedagogical Students in the Process of Initial Professional Training
Olga Raileanu
Facilitation Technique in Distance Learning Education
Olha Shykyrynska
Blended Learning and Digital Literacy
Cristina Elena Anton
EdTech v.22 – is the Romanian Educational System Ready for its Implementation?
Gabriela Marchis
Diluting the Classical Procedure in Favor of the Digital Procedure in Cases with Minors
Lenuta Giurgea

Initial Teacher Training and Continuous Professional Development - a New Challenge

Studies Regarding Leadership Approaches in Training Offers in the Face-to-Face and Online Context
Victor D Tița, Nicolae Bold, Doinița Popa, Mirela G Matei
The Importance of Pedagogical Practice in Training of the Future Teachers
Ionica Dragu
Perspectives on Adapting the Performance Management of Secondary Education Institutions in Romania to European Models
Mioara Enache
Peculiarities of Modern English Educational Terminolexicon
Tetyana Soroka
Transfer Prices - Tax Evasion or Optimization
Alin Sergiu Nitu, Aurelian Constantin, Marcel Constantin
Forgotten Source: Study M. Laszlo-Kutiuk «Romanian-Ukrainian Literary Relations in XIXth century the beginning of XXth century» (to the Problem of Digitizing Educational Resources)
Nataliia Yantsos

Artificial Intelligence in Educational Research

The Near Future: Man vs. Artificial Intelligence
Emilia Andreea Motoranu
European Union Regulations on AI Issues
Florina Anca Mateescu
Artificial Intelligence (AI) – a Tool in the Fight against Cybercrime or a Subject of Criminal Liability?
Alexandra Novac-Leca
The Future of in Vitro Fertilization in which Artificial Intelligence and Stem Cells will overcome Infertility
Carmen Ion, Alexandra Novac-Leca, Razvan-Marius Ion

Estudentiana (Students, MA & PhD students)

Implementation of the Saf-T Fiscal Audit Standard, Angel and / or Demon for Accounting?
Alin Sergiu Nitu, Aurelian Constantin, Marcel Constantin
Psycho-Socio-Behavioral Profile of Alcohol Consumption among Romanian Adolescents
Grigore Ionascu
The Financial Management Control (F.M.C) - the Managerial Tool for Information and Reporting on the Economic-Financial Activity of the Economic Entity. Application Features
Viorica (Iuga) Dindareanu