Danubius International Conferences, 1st International Conference on Education in the Digital Era

Innovative Elements in the Intervention and Prevention of Writing-Reading Disorders

Diamanta Bulai
Last modified: 2022-07-13


The development of skills for schooling is extremely important, especially in the conditions of digitalization of education. Early detection and intervention in the case of reading and writing disorders are defining for the prevention of installation and / or successful intervention in the situation of preschoolers and students at risk of developing dyslexia-dysgraphia. In this article we present the research carried out within the project "CERDIS - Cross-border cooperation and research through the interdisciplinary approach of the occurrence, clinical manifestations and therapeutic / preventive aspects of specific oral / written language disorders and the development of an innovative cross-border intervention procedure" developed an integrated screening / diagnosis and therapy procedure for preschoolers and schoolchildren at risk of developing dyslexia-dysgraphia at the beginning of schooling.

The method of prevention and intervention is based on the use of the Ludolexograf © Georgeta Burlea, Ana-Maria Ciubară (Burlea) and Lucian Burlea in the learning stage of writing-reading, simultaneously with the development of schooling skills.

The paper also addresses the harmonization of interventions in the conditions of "pressure" for digitization, imposed by social evolution.