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European Construction between Desideratum and Realities

Modernization of Correctional Education System: the problems of Adjustment and Integration in the Lower Danube Region
Anastasya Kaplienko
The Implementation of the Idea in Development of Future Specialists Professional Mobility in the Practice-Oriented Training in the Izmail State University for Humanities
Yaroslav Kichuk
Interactive Technologies of Mentality Formation at Students of Izmail State University for Humanities
Natalia Kichuk
Particle In The Ukrainian South-Bessarabia Dialects
Andrij Kolesnykov
Bessarabia National Cultural Code In The Works Of Ukrainian Writer M. Kotsiubinsky
S.I. Kovpik
Latin Language in Gregory Skovoroda Epistolary Heritage
Olga Kudinova
The Role of Multiculturalism in the Process of Forming Junior pupils Design Thinking as a Fundamental Premise of the Organization of their Creative Activity
Y.V. Kholostenko
Pozition Of Russian Words In The Language Of Romanophones Of Ukrainian Danube Region
Polina Kiseolar
Izmail Organization of National Union of Artists of Ukraine as a Leading Artistic Guild in Budjak
Alexander Kara
Latin Loans In French Contemporary Advertising: Socio-Cultural, Linguistic and Psychological Aspects
Olga Kudinova, Julia Shuleshova
Harmonization of Romanian and Bulgarian national security systems with the European security system
Krasimir Koev, Grigore Dumitru
The System Of Creative Tasks For Activization Of French And English Speaking Of Future Teachers (Experience of universities of Odessa region)
Marianna Kniazian