Presentations and Authors

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Economie Dunareana

Toxicity and proximity Danube Benefit – a Sanitary Perspective
Liliana Pavel
The European Transport Network - a Priority of the enlarged EU
Georgeta Modiga
Valuing the Touristic Potential of Natural Protected Areas from the Lower Danube Area
Anca Turtureanu
The Importance of the Implementation of a Standard for the Environment within the Small Business from the Danubian Riveran Countries
Irina Todos

Legislatie Fluviala

About New Rules Governing the Legal Regime of the Danube
Constantin Tanase
The Aquatic Environment Protection through Criminal Law
Ion Rusu, Ioana Minodora Rusu-Balan
Torture as Jus Cogens Norm
Mirgen Prence
The Control of Vessels on the Danube at the Entry in the European Union Space
Tache Bocaniala
Politico-Institutional Communication: Challenges and Impacts
Valentina Cornea
Categories of European Civil Servants. Recent Developments
Iulian Savenco

Europeitate si Europeism

Geographical Meanings of Galati Danube Gate
Costică Popa
The Danube – the Europe River
Elena Prus, Pierre Morel
The Europeanisation of Conflicts - A Possible Solution in the Transnistrian Crisis
Florinel Iftode

Comunicare si Spiritualitate

Stylistic Values of Interjections in Romanian and French
Victor Axentii
The Linguistic Geography of National Minorities Located in the Danube Basin
Radkina Valentina
The Personality of the Danubian Latinity in European Context
Catalin Enica
The Russian magazine “Motherland” - Review
Tetyana Şevciuk
The Functional Aspect of Translation
Ludmila Balțatu

Comunitati Locale

The Danube as a Denomination in the Danubian Journalism
Cristina Dosuleanu
Sulina – the key of Danube. A European Vocation
Tudose Tatu
The Danube Delta, a Natural and Cultural Heritage for Future Generations
Ioan Huma

Istorie, Mentalitati si Imagologie

The European Commission of the Danube, 155 years since its creation (1856-2011)
Cristian Caldararu
The Tsarist Administration in Bessarabia: the Preferred Administration Regime of the Transdanubian Settlers (1818-1828)
Sergiu Cornea
The Ukrainian-Romanian border a region on the Danube: the land and people
Natalia Lebedenko, Tatyana Shevchuk
Metaphysics of the Danube – A Premise of Europeity
Gheorghe Lates
The Role of the Danube in the Romania nation-building process
Cornel Aurelian Mincu