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Danubian Economy and Legislation

The Fight against Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion
Mihaela Aghenitei, Carmen Sirbu
Considerations on Maritime and River Courts in the Romanian Judicial System
Constantin Tanase
Strategy 2020 and the European Social Policy
Radu Razvan Popescu
The constitution of the Moldavian Parliament. Structural and functional evolution
Ilie Girnet
The Rights and Obligations of Local Elected Person from Republic of Moldova
Natalia Saitarlî
Investments – Fundamental Element for Economic Development of Republic of Moldova
Svetlana Birlea
Investment Policies and Strategies of the Republic of Moldova
Liudmila Antohi, Natalia Zarisneac
Modern Organization of Entrepreneurial Business
Liudmila Rosca-Sadurschi
The Employment and Unemployment in the Republic of Moldova. Developments, Trends and Economic Policies of Anti-Unemployment
Valentina Bozbei, Tatiana Lungu
General Principles of European Union Legislation Regarding the Juridical Protection of the Human Rights
Nicolae V. Dura
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Catalina Mititelu, Mariana Radu (Mitra)
The Observance of Human Rights and Freedoms in the Extradition Proceedings at National and International Levels
Mariana (Mitra) Radu, Catalina Mititelu
Analysis of the Opportunity to Include Intelligence Officers in the Category of Special Criminal Investigation Bodies
Bogdan Bîrzu
Comparative Characteristics of Technology Transfer in Developed Countries
Natalia Palii
Offenses of Human Trafficking in the European Union
Ion Rusu, Dorin Matei
The Revival of Transport on Danube and EU's Role in Achieving this Desideratum
Tache Bocaniala
Protecting Children Victims of Crimes of Human Trafficking in the EU
Minodora-Ioana Balan-Rusu, Varvara Licuţa Coman
The Role of the Nobility in the Development of Navigation on the Danube (XIX - early XX centuries)
Liliya Tsyganenko
The Provision of the Necessary Facilities of the Navigable Communication on the Lower Danube in the First Half of The XIX-th Century
Schewchenko Andrey
The Soviet Danube Shipping Company (60-80 s of the XX c.)
Liana Chorna
Peasant Self-government in the Ukrainian Danube Region (end of XIX - early XX century.): Social and Cultural Aspects
Irina Verkhovtseva
Matrix Representation of Ukrainian Axionomens Used in the Danube Area
Tetyana Soroka
Ethnogeographical Transformation of the Euroregion “Lower Danube”
Vyacheslav Todorov
The Perspective of the Development of the Vinous Tourism in the Ukrainian Danube
M. Diduh
Integrated Way of Preparation of Future Specialists of Socionomic Sphere to Projecting of Professional Activity
Olena Bila
Factor of Geodemographic Processes (by Example the Ukrainian Danube Region)
Slyvka Roman, Victoriya Yavorskaya
Geo-demographic Features of the Formation Process in the Danube Region of Ukraine
Victoriya Yavorskaya
Social and Economic Development of Ukrainian Dunabe Region
Oksana Dyshkantyuk, Valentina Oleynyk
The State and the Ways of Modernization of the Agricultural Landscapes in the Danubian Region of Ukraine
Stanislav Goloborodko, Victor Morozov
The Shipping Register of Ukraine on the Danube River
Oleg Shevchuk
The Role of Cultural Diplomacy for Intensifying the Cross-Border Cooperation within Danube Region
Krasimir Koev
Future Economic Development of the Danube Region
Larisa Soroka
The Strategy of the Forming of Recreational Zones on the Territory of Pridunav'e
Tanya Umanets
The Sustainability Issues of Major Crop Yield in "Lower Danubian" Region (by the Example of Cahul and Reni Regions)
D.M Parmacli
The Lower Danube and the Rio de la Plata Region in the Modern Age. Contrasted Perspectives on their Economic and Political Evolution
George Enache
Danube- the Common Way between Great Socio-Economic Disparities
Victor Romeo Ionescu

European Construction between Desideratum and Realities

Europe’s values for the future
Raluca Mihalcioiu
Harnessing the Concept of Lifelong Education to Stimulate the Motivation for Adults to Learn
Nicolai Piscuov, Alexandra Piscunov
Danubian Culture- A Desideratum or a Reality
Gheorghe Lates
The Integrative Role of Danube River in Central and Eastern Europe
Andy Pusca, Sergiu Pirju
Cossacks on the Danube Territories (the End of XVIII - the 20s of the XIX c.)
Alexander Lebedenko
Private Charitable Activities of the Ukrainian Danube Nobles in the Educational Field
Nataliya Goncharova
The Question of the Danube Principalities in European Diplomacy of the Second Half of 50’s – 60’s of the XIX-th Century (Based on Materials of the Russian Periodical Press)
Victor Drozdov
The “Lower Danube” Euroregion as a Form of Cross-border Cooperation
Vira Tserkovna
The History of the Old Believer Settlements on the Danube
Irina Kucheryavenko
The Technology of Ensuring the System of the Future Philologists’ Foreign Language Strategic Competence Formation
Svitlana Ryabushko
Danube Region Terminology and its Translation
Olena Chetverikova
The History of German Interjection Development
Arina Solonar
Pedagogical Methods for Activization of Intercultural Interaction between Young People in the Danube Region
Zhanna Kozhukhar
Methodological Foundation for Preparation of Teachers-Philologists for Intercultural Communication of Schoolchildren in the Danube Region
Natalia Mushynska
Substantial Specific Nature of Communicative Competence Development of an Educational Institution Manager in the Course of Professional Training
Tamara Gumennikova
Literature of Danubian Monarchy in Ukrainian Translations
Maria Ivanytska
Influence of Professional Associations on Regional Policy in Education: International Experience
Svetlana Tezikova
Establishment of an Integrated Cultural Identity within Bulgarian-Romanian Cross-Border Region along the Danube River
Juliana Popova
Linguistic Geography of National Minorities in the Danube Basin
Valentina Radkina
The Psychological Profile of the Romanian People (Comparative Analysis)
Mirela Arsith
Europezation of Ukrainian Danube Education: The Abstract of the Bologna Initiatives
Kichuk Nadiya
Innovative Forms of Public Involvement in the Formation of the Strategy of Ukrainian Danube Development
Iaroslav Kichuk
European Union Strategy for the Danube Region - between Desideratum and Achievements
Mariana Trandafir
The Conflict between Tito and Stalin (1948-1953) and its Consequences upon the Danube
Arthur Tulus
Multicultural Education in the Modern World: A Regional Vector
Dora Ivanova
The Academic Dimension of Cooperation in the Danube and Black Sea Area
Anisoara Popa

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

The translation problems of A.S.Pushkin's «Eugene Onegine»
Olga Cudinova
The Demographic Evolution of Ismail County during the Interwar Period (1918-1940)
Oleg Bercu
Broadening the Literary Values Scope - Means of Communication between the Nations
Ludmila Balțatu
The Influence of the Romanian Language on the Grammar of the Ukrainian South-Bessarabia Dialects
Andrij Kolesnykov
The Peculiarities of the Adverbs Functioning of the Dialect Spoken in the v. Shevchenkove, Kiliya district, Odessa Region
Maryna Delyusto
Lexical Interference in the Dialects Spoken in the Area between the Danube and Dniester Rivers
Olena Daki
The Formation of the Russian Novel as the Syncretic Genre
Tatjana Savoskina
Spiritual Evolution as a Metamorphose (on the base of Victor Pelevin Novel "Life of Insects").
Tetyana Shevchuk
The Concept of Neorealism in Russian and Ukrainian Literary Criticism
Lyudmila Reva
The Traditions of Ukrainian and Russian Ornamental Expressionism: Typological Conformity
Tetyana Belobrova
The Floral Symbol in the Poetry of Heinrich Heine
Aleksandra Chepelyk
German Bessarabian Colonist Costume: The Lingua-Culturological Aspect of Research
Natalia Golovina
Sociolinguistic Bases of Gender Aspect
Tatyana Poddubskaya
Regional Traditions of Tillage in the South-Ukrainian Dialects
Elena Miroshnichenko
Cultural Enlightenment Activities of Russian Orthodox Church in Bessarabia (at the End of the XIX-th and the Beginning of the XX-th century)
Tetyana Yerich
Synergistic Approach to the Study of the Essence of Social Problems
Larisa Danilchuk
Intersubjective Connections in the Process of Training the Future Teacher of Foreign Languages
Yaroslav Chernyonkov
Personal Professional Reflection as Interdisciplinary Problem
Rezvan Oksana
Intensification of Intercultural Communication as Interdisciplinary Problem in Today's Danubian Region
Marianne Knyazyan
Moral Values in the Relations as an Aspect of Spiritual Culture of a Prospective Teacher
Natali Rozhkova
Formation of the Didactic-Cognitive Competence of the Youth as a Means of Maintenance of a Dialogue of Cultures in the Region Pridunajskyi
Olena Grygorovych
Color Symbolism in the Folk Fairy-tale and in Science Fiction Works by R. Bradbury, C. Simak, A. and B. Strugatsije
Elena Kibalka
About the Question of Knowledge of Psychological Mechanisms of Today's Ukrainian Danube Students’ Spirituality Formation
Antonina Gavlitskaya
Ukrainian Danube Multicultural Environment: Actualization of Profession “Social Teacher”
Tanya Lessina
Literature of Danubian Monarchy in Ukrainian Translations
Mariia Ivanytska
The Danubian Eros and Thanatos in Mihail Sebastian’s Work
Alina Chesca
A.S. Griboyedov in the Perception of A. Blok
Nataliya Lebedenko
The Cahul Theatrical Traditions
Oleg Danilceac

Estudentiana (Students and MA students)

German and Ukrainian Baroque Poetics and Rhetorics: the Definition of Style in Comparison
Valentina Dimova
The Place of the Name IVAN in Mikhail Kuzmin’s Prose
Victoria Shyrokova
Future Teachers’ Training for the Organization High School Students’ to the Development of the Danube Region
Natalya Gubanova
The Development of Critical Thinking as the Ground for the Intercultural (Cross-Cultural) Communication
Kateryna Pylypiuk
The Methodological Basis of the Organization of Creative Activity of the Students Philologists on Studying the Problems of the Linguistic Development of the Danube Area
Olena Khromchenko
The Number and Resettlement of Ethnic Communities in Southern Bessarabia in the First Half of the 19th Century
Sneshana Kuzmina
Ukrainian Fable in the First Half of the XIX century: the Influence of German Traditions of Genre
Katerina Makhova
The Nobles of Moldavian Origin in the History of Bessarabia
Margaryta Bashly
Capturing the Turkish Fortress on Danube as the Decisive Factor in the Victory of Russia in the Russo-Turkish war of 1787-1791
Ivan Tatarinov
Methodical Basics of Future Philologists’ Research Culture Formation
Marina Trufkina
Prospects for the Development of Ethnic Tourism in the Euroregion “Lower Danube”
Vyacheslav Todorov, Melanya Madzar
Methodological Aspects of Study of the Literature and Art Cooperation
Olga Shikirinskaya
Activation of Intellectual Initiative of Young People as Interdisciplinary Problem
Larisa Lungu
Organization of the Master Tutor in Higher Education: Methodological Support
Asya Suchanu
The Concept of the Creative Personality in the Stories of A. Kuprin
Galina Mutu
The Theoretical Aspects of the Artistic Object
Anastaiya Syichimez
Modern Approaches to Professional Spoken English Interaction Teaching of Future Psychologists
Yuliya Zinovyeva
A History of the Danubian Costume in the XIXth Century
Cristina Partenie